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Snake in Dream Interpretation – Naga in Dream Meaning in Hindu Religion

Seeing snake or Naga in dream is very common for many people. In Hindu religion there is an ancient text known as Swapna Shastra which gives interpretation and meaning of various dreams. Snake in a dream is considered good as per the Swapna Shastra.
Most of the dreams involving snakes are imagined or is the result of seeing, talking or watching scenes involving snakes in the day or before sleeping. Such dreams are to be ignored and are considered as mere play of the mind.
Two dreams that are specifically mentioned in the Swapna Shastra that demands attention are – Snake biting the person who is having dream and the second one is the person biting or eating a snake. Another important  factor that is mentioned is a person receiving wealth if he sees snake standing with its hood open.
A dream of a snake biting a person is interpreted as resulting in positive health like curing of an ailment or an important disease.
The person biting a snake in the dream has the meaning that the person w…

Download Katha Upanishad PDF in English Translation and Commentary

Katha Upanishad is one of the most popular Upanishads and is in the form of a dialogue between young Nachiketas and Yama, the Hindu God of death. This present English commentary and translation of Katha Upanishad in PDF format for download is by Swami Paramananda. This is a very old translation and was first published in 1919 and is the English translation from the original Sanskrit. In the Upanishad, young Nachiketas learns about life, death and about Brahman from YamaYou can find the Katha Upanishad in PDF format here.You can save it if you have Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader installed in your browser.

Ganesh Chaturdashi – Ganesh Choudas 2018 in Jammu and Kashmir

Ganesh Chaturdasi is a unique ritual dedicated to Hindu God Ganesha and is observed mainly in Kashmir. Ganesh Chaturdashi 2018 date is April 28. The festival and ritual is also known as Ganesh Choudas. Please note that this festival is entirely different from the Ganesh Chaturthi observed in (August – September), which is the birthday of Ganesh.

Ganesh Chaturdashi is observed on the 14th day during the waxing phase of moon or Shukla Paksha of the Vaishakh month.

Ganpatyar Yatra to the famous GaneshTemple in Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir takes place on the day.

Special pujas and rituals are observed in Ganesh Temples associated with the Kashmiri Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits.

Sabarimala Temple May 2017 Monthly Puja Dates

SabarimalaAyyappaTemple in Kerala opens on the first day of every Malayalam month and the shrine remains open for the next five days for the monthly poojas including Padi puja. In May 2017, SabarimalaAyyappaTemple will open on May 14 and will close on May 19 for Malayalam Edavasa Masa Puja. Thousands of Ayyappa devotees make use of this opportunity to visit the Sabarimala shrine to have a hassle free darshan.

Thousands of devotees in order to avoid the rush choose the monthly opening period to visit the shrine. There are also several Ayyappa devotees who make it point to visit the shrine every month. The shrine remains opened during the first five days each Malayalam month.

Udayasthamana pooja, padipooja and pushpabhishekam are performed during these days.

The main pilgrimage season at Sabarimala shrine is during the Mandala Makaravilakku season (November – January). The period sees heavy rush of devotees to the hill shrine.

Sadhguru on the Symbolism of the Third Eye of Shiva

If I show you this side of my hand, you cannot see the other side of it. This is so about everything. You always see everything in parts. Even if you look at a grain of sand you will look at only one part of it.

All the information that is in your head right now has entered through the five sense organs in bits and pieces. It cannot perceive even a grain of sand in its totality. It perceives everything in parts. If you add the bits you will not get a whole. You will only have bits. No matter how many bits you gather they will never become a whole.

This is why Shiva has always been represented as one with three eyes. When we say "the third eye", we are not talking about your forehead opening up. It is about seeing beyond the sensory eyes. It means that the ability to see has transcended the limitations of sense perception.Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev