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Each House in Sasana Village in Orissa has a Sanskrit Teacher

At Sasana Village in Kendrapara District in Orissa, each home has a Sanskrit Pandit. Some are Sanskrit teachers in government schools and other institutions and others perform pujas and rituals. For generations each house in this village has made it sure that at least one child learns Sanskrit. Today there are households in this village were all the people teach or make a living through Sanskrit learning.

Kalinga Times writes about this unique village

The comparatively developed village, fully Brahmin-inhabited, has little above 200 population in 32 households.
In nearly all the families, one would come across Sanskrit Pundits employed in government-run Sanskrit medium educational institutions.
“We are proud patrons of Sanskrit. The ancient language is very much alive in the village though things are not so in other places,” said 76-year-old Baishnav Charan Pati, a Sanskrit Pundit who has retired from his teaching job.
In these parts of the state, Sanskrit is widely used as a ceremonial la…

Quotes from Mahabharata on Time

From day to day thousands of reason spring up for sorrow and thousands of causes for fear. These, however, affect the ignorant but are nothing to him that is wise.
There is none dear or hateful to Time! Time is indifferent to none. All are equally dragged by Time. Time causes all creatures to grow, and it is Time that destroys everything.
When all else is asleep, Time is awake. Time is irresistible. Youth, beauty, life, possessions, health, and the companionship of friends, all are unstable. He that is wise will never covet any of these. Do not to grieve for what is universal.