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Various Forms Of Mother Goddess Shakti Worshipped In Gujarat

In Gujarat, as in many other parts of India, the worship of the Mother Goddess Shakti is deeply ingrained in the culture and spirituality of the region. Here are some forms of Mother Goddess Shakti worshipped in Gujarat:

Ambaji: Ambaji is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas and is located in the Aravalli Range of Gujarat. The Ambaji Temple is a significant pilgrimage site dedicated to Goddess Amba, an incarnation of Shakti.

Bahuchara Mata: Bahuchara Mata is worshipped as the goddess of fertility, and her temple is located in Mehsana district of Gujarat. She is also regarded as the patroness of the hijra (transgender) community.

Harsiddhi Mata: Harsiddhi Mata is revered as one of the forms of Shakti. The Harsiddhi Mata Temple is situated in Porbandar, Gujarat, and is believed to fulfill the wishes of her devotees.

Khodiyar Mata: Khodiyar Mata, also known as Khodal Mata, is worshipped as a form of Shakti in Gujarat. Her temple is located in Khodal Dham near Rajkot. She is considered the goddess of prosperity and is highly revered by the Leuva Patel community.

Mahakali Mata: Mahakali Mata is worshipped as the fierce aspect of Shakti. Temples dedicated to Mahakali Mata can be found across Gujarat, and she is often depicted as a powerful and wrathful deity.

Mahakali Maa (Kankai): Kankai Mata Temple in Jamnagar district is dedicated to Mahakali Maa, another form of the fierce aspect of Shakti. Devotees believe in her protective and nurturing powers.

Ashapura Mata: Ashapura Mata is worshipped mainly by the people of the Kutch region. The Mata no Madh Temple in Kutch is dedicated to her, and she is revered as the protector of the people.

Chamunda Mata: Chamunda Mata is worshipped as the fierce form of Shakti, particularly for protection against evil forces. The Chamunda Mata Temple is located in Chotila, Gujarat.

Goddess Umiya: Shri Umiya Mataji Temple at Unjha in Gujarat is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Goddess Umiya, who is the patron deity of Kadva Patidar community. The administration of Umiya Temple is providing an online live darshan from the temple. Goddess Umiya is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti – she is believed to be Goddess Sati and Goddess Parvati (Uma).

These are just a few examples of the various forms of Mother Goddess Shakti worshipped in Gujarat. Each deity has its own legends, rituals, and significance within the rich tapestry of Hindu spirituality in the region.