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Vedangas – the Six Vedangas in Hindu Scriptures

Vedangas are additional limbs or chapters in the Vedas. There are six Vedangas. The 6 Vedangas are:Chhandas – Prosody (science of poetic meters)Jyothisha – Astronomy and astrologyKalpa – Construction and design of religious sitesNirukta- Vedic etymologyShiksha – phoneticsVyakarana – Grammar You may also like to readWhat are Brahma Sutras?Similarities Between Bhagavad Gita and Bible

108 flowers made of Gold offered at Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple

Rich devotees are always on look out for innovative ways to make offerings at Hindu temples. Recently a devotee offered 108 flowers made of gold to the famous KanakaDurgaTemple at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The golden flowers are now part of the temple ritual and can be offered by other devotees to Goddess Kanakadurga on Thursdays through the Swarna Pushparchana and the cost of it is Rs 2500/-The Hindu reportsC.C. Kesava Rao, proprietor of Fizikem Formulations, presented the flowers weighing 432 grams in all, and valued at Rs.750, 000. Mr. Kesava Rao and his family members are said to be staunch believers in the goddess and have benefited in the business. As a token of their faith in the presiding deity, Mr. Kesava Rao wanted to make a lasting contribution to the temple and approached the EO asking him to suggest an idea.EO of the templeMr. Vijaya Kumar suggested to Mr. Kesava Rao to contribute golden flowers, as the temple did not have them until now.

Words of Wisdom from Subhashitas

‘This person is my kin and that one is alien’ such a thought occurs only to the narrow-minded people. To the broad-minded person the whole world is one family.Fire, Loan and enemy traces, even if they remain in small amount, they grow back repeatedly, hence finish them without leaving a trace.Happiness is the highest gain,
Noble company is highest achievement
Questioning is highest knowledge,
Forgiveness is highest enjoymentWhen forests are on fire, wind becomes it's ally
The same wind is also responsible to extinguish a small lamp.