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What is born dies and is reborn – Teachings from Dnyaneshwari a commentary on Bhagavad Gita

Dnyaneshwari is a commentary on Bhagavad Gita in Marathi written by Saint Dnyneshwar (Jnanesvara or Gnanadeva) (1274-1297).Whatever is born perishes and is later born again. This wheel of life and death has been going on perpetually from time immemorial like the cycle of sunrise and sunset. At the time of the big deluge these three worlds also get destroyed. Therefore beginning and end are inevitable. (2:159-161).Prior to birth creatures have no form. They acquire it after birth. When they die they certainly will not reach another state but only the previous. The form you see between the birth and the death is the projection (an illusive image) of Brahman due to the influence of Maya. (2:164-166).All creatures acquire a form due to the effect of Maya, therefore why should you shed tears over something which does not exist in the first place? Instead, you should think about the eternal Soul (Atman). (2:168-169).Those who develop a love for this Soul (Atman) are not influenced by sense-…