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Online Virtual Tour of Murudeshwar Temple in Karnataka – 360 Degree view of the tallest idol of Shiva

MurudeshwarTemple in Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka, India, is famous for the world’s tallest murti (idol) of Lord Shiva (123 feet) and also the tallest rajagopuram (249-feet) in the world.Leen Thobias Leen Thobias of has created an online virtual tour (360 degree view) of the MurudeshwaraTemple. There are total 7 images of the temple and includes the huge Shiva murti and rajagopuram.Click on the image for the Virtual TourYou may also like to readOnline Virtual Tour of Thiruvannamalai Temple by

Nitya Neeti Teachings

One should not have friendship or love with the wicked. When hot, charcoal burns the hand, and when cold, it blackens and dirties the hand. The road gets trodden little by little. The cloth is woven little by little. The mountain is climbed little by little. Knowledge and money are also gain little by little. All these five are attained little by little. Man should learn arts, which come into use at times of difficulty. Consider Arjuna, who joined Virata’s palace as dance teacher.Nitya Neeti