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Symbolism in the Churning of Ocean or Samudra Manthan

Churning of Ocean or Samudra Manthan mentioned in the Hindu Puranas is an important event that was performed by Devas (demi gods) and Asuras (Demons) to obtain Amrit (Elixir of life). The popular belief is that the churning of ocean (palazhi) was done to get Amrit so that it will return youth to the ageing Devas and they will be free from death. There is also a hidden symbolic meaning in the whole exercise of Samudra Manthan.ManthraMountain was used as the churn and Snake Vasuki was used as the rope. To hold the churn, Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Kurma or Tortoise. The poison that came out during the churning was consumed by Lord Shiva.The ageing process of Devas symbolically suggests the pollution of the mind. The mind gets covered with all impurities and this hides the Supreme Truth. The mind becomes easily corrupt and is under the sway of materialistic needs and desires. It becomes the seat of ignorance. The escape from death is Moksha and this has to be attained on this ea…

Mrityunjaya Amavasya

The no moon day or Amavasi falling on Monday or Somvar is known as Mrityunjaya Amavasya in some regions. The day is highly auspicious for worshipping Lord Shiva and taking bath in sacred rivers.

Somwar or Monday is the most auspicious day worship Lord Shiva in a week. When Amavasya falls on Monday it becomes doubly auspicious.

The day is also chosen to offer Shradh and Tarpan rituals to dead ancestors and parents.

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Swami Dayananda Saraswati on Bondage - the process of becoming

When one doesn’t love certain things or doesn’t like certain things, but cannot get rid of them, they become bondage for the person. It is that wanting to get out of something and not being able to. I want to get out of this struggle to become happy but I cannot rid myself of the struggle. I want to be free from insecurity, but I find myself helplessly insecure. That’s bondage. Being insecure is bondage. Being bound by time is bondage. Being bound by various limitations is bondage. Who is it that feels this bondage? Vedanta discusses it this way. The physical body does not feel the bondage. Neither does the mind.
The person or the ego feels the bondage. No matter who the person is, wherever there is “I” sense, there is a sense of bondage also. That I want to be different from being what I am is bondage. In Vedanta, we say that a life of becoming is a life of bondage.
I cannot but struggle to become because I am not acceptable to myself as I am. I struggle to become that person in who…