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Panchu Dola Festival 2018 Date – Dasa Dola

Panchu Dola festival is observed in Orissa and is associated with Dola Purnima and Holi festival observed here. Panchu Dola Festival 2018 date is March 6. It is observed five days after Dola Purnima. On the day Gods and Goddess from temples in an area are brought to an open ground in the village in colorful processions.

The congregation of deities from several temples attracts thousands of devotees. The festival is a major event in rural parts of Eastern India and is also known as Dasa Dola.

The place where the deities assemble turns into a mela ground. Playing of Holi with colors and fire works at night are some of the important activities on the day.

The meeting of the various deities from different temples is accompanied by various rituals.

Dashamata Vrat

Dashamata Vrat is observed during the Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. Dashamata Vrat in 2018 starts from March 2 and is observed for 10 days. Dashamata, known as Mother Fate, is propitiated on the day. The Vrat is more popular with the Rajput community in Rajasthan.

Dashamata is worshipped with a string of necklace. Women fast on the day and recite ten stories associated with the Goddess.

The vrat is observed for the welfare of the husband and for the prosperity of the family.

The vrat begins on the first day during the Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month as per traditional calendar followed in North India.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Quotes

Our enlightenment should not only be felt by all the people around us, but it should inspire others to live and radiate enlightenment as well. Our enlightenment should express itself through our muscles, in our very thinking, in our words, in our action. It should express itself through our Being, inspiring all the people living around us. The world is a mirror for us, and since we continuously look into the world to learn more about ourselves, we further develop our identity through this mirror. Therefore we should create beautiful enlightened mirrors around ourselves by radiating and expressing enlightenment, and constantly remembering that our enlightenment should be our very own mission. In this way, the people around us should not only feel the power of our Jeevan Mukti - Living Enlightenment, but want to express it themselves!A person who is living enlightenment, who is expressing Jeevan Mukti, is like Kalabhairava. Everything is there but nothing touches him. He is simply not b…