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Alarnath Temple at Brahmagiri in Orissa – Lord Jagannath Manifests Here During No Darshan at Puri Jagannath Temple

After the Snana Purnima in Jyeshta month (May - June), there is no public darshan of Lord Jagannath and other deities at the PuriJagannathTemple for 15 days. This 15-day period of no darshan at PuriJagannathTemple happens before the Rath Yatra. There is a popular belief that Lord Jagannath during this period manifests as Alarnath Dev at AlarnathTemple in Brahmagiri, which is about 23 km from Puri.
After Snana Poornima, ritualistic bathing of the idols of Jagannath, there is a popular belief that the deities get fever. For a period of 15 day the deities do not appear before public. The deities remain in the Anasar house and appear a day before Puri Rath Yatra day.
During these 15 days, devotees visit the Alarnath temple at Brahmagiri in large numbers. Legend has it that Lord Jagannath manifests into the Alarnath Dev during the fortnight.
Thousands of devotees visit the temple during the period to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath as Alarnath Dev and to have the delicious Kheer bhog (Pr…

Lord Ram is Abusive and Lord Hanuman is Slave for The Brooklyn Rail

As a child I used to listen to my Grandmother and Grandfather chanting Rama Rama Pahimam, Rama Padam Cheerane Mukunda Rama Pahimam, prayer dedicated to Lord Ram. Nowadays, in the morning I wake up listening to Jai Jai Shri Ram… of my neighbor. Similar prayers are chanted in millions of Hindu homes and Lord Ram is worshipped by millions of people around the world. But for an overenthusiastic writer who is ignorant of Hinduism at The Brooklyn Rail, Lord Ram is abusive and impotent, and Hanuman is a slave and a buffoon.The Brooklyn Rail publishes critical perspectives on arts, politics and culture. Lisa Moricoli-Latham was reviewing Sita Sings the Blues, an animated film, which is a personal interpretation of the epic Ramayana by Nina Paley. The animator, Nina Paley, was abandoned by her husband by e-mail. She finds parallel between her situation and that of Mata Sita. This animated film is in news for more than four years and recently it got a few awards, ran into a copyright violation …

Champak Chaturdasi – Champaka Chaturdashi Brata

Champak Chaturdasi Vrata is observed on the 14th day during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon in Jyeshta month (May – June). Champak Chaturdasi is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is believed that observing Champak Chaturdasi Vrata will help in curing lung related problems. This belief is more popular in Bengal and eastern parts of India. In 2018, the date of Champak Chaturdasi is June 27.

Champak Chaturdasi is observed the day before Jyestha Purnima – full moon day in Jyeshta month. A clay idol of Shiva is created and the deity is offered champak flowers and other usual items related to Shiva puja.