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Meera – Serial based on Meerabai on NDTV Imagine

NDTV Imagine will be soon telecasting a serial based on Meera Bai – a young Rajput princess whose love and devotion to Lord Krishna made her give up everything and thus elevated her to the status of a saint. The devotional songs Meerabhai had created in praise of Lord Krishna are considered to be the best Krishna Bhakti Bhajans and it continues to draw millions towards Krishna. The television serial Meera is produced by Sagar Arts.

It is popularly believed that young Meera was just four years of age, she found herself to be deeply drawn towards Lord Krishna. As she grew older, her desire to be with her Lord grew more intense and she resolved to be committed to him forever. Despite being forced into marriage with another man (Prince Bhoj Raj), she defied the social norms and continued to worship Lord Krishna as her lover.

The characters in Serial Meera will be essayed by a new generation of actors:

Young Meera – Aashika Bhatia

Meera’s mother (Veer Kunwari) – Gauri Harmit Kaur

Meera’s dad (Ratan Singh) – Kunal Bakshi

Meera’s cousin brother – Paras Arora

Meera’s friend Lalita – Twara Desai