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Sri Narayana Guru Teachings

Sri Narayana Guru (1854 – 1928) was a saint and social reformer and he changed the fabric of Kerala society. Here are some his teachings from Atmopadesa Satakam.

Wise men know that there is only Knowledge, so they remain one with it and do not struggle. For them the truth to be known is here and now. Those who do not know their secret think of it as an unknown entity to be sought and discovered. Under that illusion they struggle and agonize themselves. Only a few see the secret of the wise.

Nobody remains established forever in a state of sameness. The process of becoming is going on; and all are subjected to this beginningless sport of the Divine. When all this is known in its entirety, one becomes happy beyond measure.

There is neither any death nor birth nor any manifested form of life. There are neither men nor gods nor anything of that sort there are only names and forms. Their substance is only that of a mirage in a desert and that is, for sure, no substance at all.

In the Earth, there are innumerable particles and in each particle there is a world of the same earth principle. Just as the body is conceptually envisioned by consciousness, consciousness is articulated by the body. When carefully considered these are not two.

Sri Narayana Guru
(Source: Atmopadesa Satakam)