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Jayateertha Vidyapeetha – School that Teaches Madhwa philosophy

The philosophy of Madhvacharya, based on Vedic tradition, is popularly known as Dvaita Vedanta or Tattvavada. As per Dvaita Vedanta, Lord Vishnu is Supreme and the world is real. Jayateertha Vidyapeetha, run by the Uttaradi Mutt, belonging to the Dwaita tradition founded by the 13th century Saint Madhwacharya, teaches Hindu traditions, knowledge in general, and Madhwa philosophy.

Each student at Jayateertha Vidyapeetha is provided free education plus all the needs of the students are met by the school. Families of poor children are also helped financially by the school.

The Vidyapeetha facilitates the students to take up SSLC exams as private candidates and also provides an opportunity for students to study (Sanskrit BA, MA etc) and write exams.

C V Ramachandra writes about this unique institution in Express Buzz

Jayateertha Vidyapeetha is silently inching closer to its silver jubilee year. What started as a small experiment at ‘Vidya Mandira’ in N R Colony at Bangalore, has today grown into an institution that now has 180 students.

Here, you won’t find conventional classrooms. But students huddled in groups, learning different subjects. The teacher introduces to them the nuances of the subjects, paying individual attention.

“We prepare the students in such a way that they can lead a decent life once they pass out. Students either get into research, deliver lectures for the public on the puranas and Madhwa philosophy, train students at home, get into priesthood, take to astrology or author books, depending on their inclinations,” says Satyadhyanacharya Katti, the principal.