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Hindu Calendar April 2009 – Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

This is a Desktop Wallpaper Hindu Calendar for April 2009 with some of the important festivals and auspicious days in April 2009. The festival and fasting dates are based on Indian Standard Time.Click on the image for a larger view and then right click and save the image to your computer (image size is 155 kb)You may also like to readAll important Hindu festivals and auspicious days in April 2009

Vasant Durga Puja

Basanti Puja, or Vasant Durga Puja, is observed during the Chaitra Navratri. In 2018, Basanti Puja is on March 23 and will end on March 26. There is a popular belief that Goddess Durga was mainly worshipped during the Basant or Spring Season. But it was Lord Rama who changed the Durga Puja period. Lord Ram wanted the blessings of Goddess Durga to defeat Ravana therefore he invoked Goddess Durga during Ashwin (October – November).

Sri Basanti Devi Durgapuja Amantran Adhibas – March 23
Sri Basanti Devi Durgapuja Saptamipuja, Nabapatrika – March 24
Sri Basanti Devi Durgapuja Astamipuja, Sandhipuja – March 25
Sri Basanti Devi Durgapuja Nabamipuja – March 25
Sri Basanti Devi Durgapuja Dasamipuja bisarjan – March 26

Nowadays, the Vasant Durga Puja, or Basanti Puja, is not a major festival. Therefore all the rituals associated with the Ashwin month Durga Puja are not performed in the Chaitra month.

The Durga Puja in Ashwin month is also known as Akal Bodhon, or untimely invocation, as Lord …

Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon Thoughts on Time

Time is believed to be composed of the past, present and future. Of these three, the past is past only in reference to the present and the present is present only in relation to the past, future is future only in reference to the present. So all three being interdependent, even for their very existence, it has to be admitted by sheer force of logic that none of them is real. Therefore, time is not.Experience is the only criterion by which the reality of anything can be decided. Of the three categories of time, past and future are not experienced by any, except when they appear in the present. Then it can be considered only as present. Even this present – when minutely examined – reduces itself into a moment which slips into the past before you begin to perceive it, just like a geometrical point. It is nobody’s experience. It is only a compromise between past and future as a meeting point. Thus present itself being only imaginary, past and future are equally so. Therefore, time is not.…