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Pure Tamil Calendar with No Trace of Sanskrit or Foreign Language

Sanskrit terms are widely used is many regional languages in India especially to denote auspicious days, auspicious time, festivals etc. But all these regional languages have specific terms in the respective language for these auspicious occasions; but most people prefer the Sanskrit terms. B. Shrinivas, a software entrepreneur and publisher of Dheivamurasu, a spiritual Tamil magazine, has launched a pure Tamil Calendar with no trace of any foreign language influence.

The calendar published by Dheivamurasu magazine is fully in Tamil – even for numerals. Today, English numerals are used in most regional language calendars and most people are not even aware that each regional language has their own set of numerals.

The Hindu reports

For instance, the full moon is not Pournami, but Niraimathi, according to the calendar. Similarly, the new moon is not Amavasai, but Maraimathi. This may come as a surprise to even lyricists who have been penning songs in Tamil apparently not in the chaste linguistic tradition, extolling the lovely glow of Pournami.

Tamil names have been ascribed to 60 Tamil Years, changing the tradition of using Sanskrit terms. Sanskrit terminology for celestial phenomena too are replaced by Tamil equivalents.

Festivals and celebrations are sought to be made popular using their true Tamil names, rather than the present names, although the latter may be better known. The special dates pertaining to the legends of Nayanmars and Tamil savants are recorded in chaste language.

Foreign universities that teach Tamil around the world have shown interest in this unique calendar.

You can find more details about the Pure Tamil Calendar at the official website of Dheiva Tamil.