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Teachings from Bhagavad Purana

In this world, you should realize that we should not become inordinately attached to anyone or anything. When the body which we think is ours; when even this has to be abandoned when we leave this world, what then can one say about one’s sons and one’s wife? Alone we come to this world and alone we walk the road to dusty death. Alone, man earns ‘punya’ and again, alone, man earns ‘papa’ also. Wealth which a man has earned by unrighteous means is taken away from him by his enemies who come in the shape of his sons and his dear ones and near ones! The man who guards such wealth which is earned unrighteously, is indeed, a fool. He is never happy since he has done wrong. He does not enjoy the wealth either. Use your intellect; control the wayward mind and try to maintain a neutral state of mind wherein you will be able to treat all things alike; where there is no feeling of mine and thine. Bhagavad Purana (Source – an interaction between Akrura and Dhritarashtra in the Bhagavad Purana)