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Pure Tamil Calendar with No Trace of Sanskrit or Foreign Language

Sanskrit terms are widely used is many regional languages in India especially to denote auspicious days, auspicious time, festivals etc. But all these regional languages have specific terms in the respective language for these auspicious occasions; but most people prefer the Sanskrit terms. B. Shrinivas, a software entrepreneur and publisher of Dheivamurasu, a spiritual Tamil magazine, has launched a pure Tamil Calendar with no trace of any foreign language influence. The calendar published by Dheivamurasu magazine is fully in Tamil – even for numerals. Today, English numerals are used in most regional language calendars and most people are not even aware that each regional language has their own set of numerals. The Hindu reportsFor instance, the full moon is not Pournami, but Niraimathi, according to the calendar. Similarly, the new moon is not Amavasai, but Maraimathi. This may come as a surprise to even lyricists who have been penning songs in Tamil apparently not in the chaste li…

Documentary and Book – Return of the Rituals: Rites of Passage of Nagarathar Children

‘Return of the Rituals: Rites of Passage of Nagarathar Children’ is the title of a documentary film and book by Dr Kala Shreen. As the title indicates, the book deals with rituals that were forgotten but which are slowly being picked up by the modern generation of the Nagarathar community in South India. The documentary film focuses on old rituals and older generations who had participated in the rituals shares their knowledge and experience.The New Indian Express reportsThe Documentary film has captured the ceremonies, which had become obsolete over the last century. Kala spent three days for shooting, when the ceremonies were enacted as one could not capture live performances of these obsolete rituals. People who were over 80 years of age were interviewed for the documentary. They shared their experiences of the past. Indigenous songs of the community were documented and tunes composed for them.The book has two sections. The first section is a description of three life cycle ceremon…

C Rajagopalachari Quotes

As Yama Dharmaraja taught Nachiketas, the vision of the Supreme cannot be attained by the mere study of Shastras; nor could knowledge of the Self come through subtlety of intellect or much learning or argument. The grace of God is the one thing necessary and for that the heart should melt in Bhakti.
Bhakti is different from Shastric learning. One may get by heart and recite without cessation the Sanskrit scriptures; one may know and repeat upside down the commentaries of the Acharyas. But righteous conduct and equanimity of mind are different and more necessary gifts.
When the heart has not mellowed, study and exposition of Shastras are a mere monkey game. Without wisdom in the heart, all learning is useless.
When that which is within and that which is without are one and the same, we have wisdom. When they are not, our learning is no better than the tricks of a trained monkey. The teaching of Sri Ramakrishna gives us, not mere learning, but true wisdom.’ (Source: Introduction to …