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Mock Human Sacrifice as Ritual near Shimla

Bhunda Narmegha Yajna or the human sacrifice ritual was conducted at Devathi village near Shimla after 83 years. The RitualLocal deities from surrounding villages are brought to the KaleshwarCheenjaTemple in Devathi. The ritual is a three day affair. On the first day spiritual ceremonies take place. On the second day, Shikha pooja (worship of mountain) takes place. Bhunda Narmegha Yajna or human sacrifice takes place on third day.Bhunda Narmegha Yajna or Human SacrificeThis involves a man sliding from one hill to another on a rope. Earlier, people cut the rope when the person was sliding down. But this horrific ritual was stopped during the British Rule. This year a selected person performed the stunt (mock sacrifice) after prolonged practice. The man slides on a 300-meter rope tied from one hill point to another. Something which needs to be stoppedDuring the second day of the ritual over 1000 goats were slaughtered by the villagers. No God will be pleased with such ritual only humans…

South African Hindu Maha Sabha on Same Sex Marriage Ceremonies

Sunday Times reportsThe head of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, Ashwin Trikamjee, said the organisation was not opposed to the country’s Constitution but would not be able to perform same-sex ceremonies. Hindu scriptures do not allow for same-sex unions and priests in South Africa will not marry gay couples.He said the Maha Sabha needed to debate the issue and have a meeting of priests and learned scholars. “This is a huge challenge for Hindu priests in the light of the Constitutional Court ruling, society’s demands and the balancing of personal views on performing marriage between two males or two females.”It must be noted that South Africa had made provision in the constitution for people of the same sex to marry, live together and share in each other’s material wealth.It is hard to digest for some but gays and lesbians are a reality and we have to accept it. No religion or community can change the feelings and natural instinct of people. I feel we should provide a space for…