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Treasure Unearthed at a Temple in Kanchipuram

The treasure was unearthed at the entrance of the Angala Amman Temple at Maligai Chetti Street in Kanchipuram. The crow bar of one of the workers who were digging a pit for an underground project accidentally hit a pot and broke it.

When the workers removed the pot, they found a silver crown, used to adorn the Amman and a copper plate etched with nearly 21 images of goddess Amman with Kanchi Kamatchi Amman in the center.

Officials after ascertaining the exact date will decide whether to hand over the treasures to the temple or to the archeological department.

Such treasures are hidden in many temples.

People fearing attacks from Muslim invaders had buried treasure in many places. But the exact location was never passed on to the next generation.