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Dalit Priest in a Temple at Patna

When dalits are restricted in some temples, for a change the Mahavir temple in Patna has a Dalit priest. The temple has Hanuman and Buddha as deities and Suryavanshi Das has been the priest for the past nine years. The Mahavir temple is associated with the Ramanand sect.

Hindustan Times Reports
“I live here without fear. There are no restrictions on my coming here and all have a cordial relation with me. There was discrimination in the early days. It continued for a year or two but now there is nothing like that,” said Suryavanshi Das – the priest.

Hope there will be more temples with dalit priests. Hope there will be no temple which restricts people in the name of caste and creed.

Hindu Temples across India are now witnessing such change. But there are still pockets were caste plays an important role is social life. This tight grip on caste system is primarily promoted today by politicians as they see it as a vote bank.

If Hindus can join and fight against these evil cunning politicians then they can easily get rid of the caste system. Even people want to change, there are elements in society that cause problems. These elements are promoted, nurtured and funded by politicians.