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Mass meditation in Vedic city for prosperity

Around 2000 meditators from around the world will be taking part in an assembly called Invincible America at the MaharishiVedicCity in Iowa. Their aim is to create a positive energy through meditation with which the Dow Jones will break above 15000, oil price will come below $45 a barrel, crime rate will become less and tensions around the world will reduce. The organizers of the Invincible America assembly say the effect of meditation can be already seen. And they point out the upward surge in Dow Jones and Nasdaq as examples. Around 1000 meditators are currently meditating at the Vedic city. The meditators arriving from around the world will be housed in white colored houses with gold-colored roofs and onion-shaped domes. The construction according to Vedic specifications is taking place at the Vedic city. The meditators are accompanied by chefs who prepare special organic vegetarian meals.The mayor of Fairfield believes this is possible and he is also a practitioner of the Transcen…

Amma the hugging Saint

I have never met her but the pictures at Detroit news online brought tears in me. Detroit news online called it Embrace: A mother's gift.

Detroit news online reports:"We are all born to experience true love," Amma said through her interpreter and senior disciple, Swami Amritas Pananda. "It is what we are missing in the world today." Love today, she said, "Is like two beggars, only taking. It should flow both ways."Although her embraces were delivered in front of a crowd, the moment with Amritanandamayi was intensely personal for many. Some cried and laughed simultaneously. One man quaked with tremors until Amritanandamayi clasped his head tightly to her chest and soothed him.A visitor said "There is a suspension of time and space when she hugs you."
All our relationships have become business oriented. Perhaps she is reminding us the importance of being cared and loved.
Detroit news online more pictures and a detail report.

Mata Amritanandamayi in Dearborn, Michigan

Press and Guide, Dearborn call her as the Hindu hugging saint. From the reportBelievers from all walks of life have flocked to the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn over the last few days to receive "darshan" from a Hindu hugging saint.When Amma greets people, she hugs them and often whispers endearingly in their ears.One follower, Ganash, traveled from WashingtonD.C. to be received by Amma."The whole atmosphere is very positive," he said. "It's filled with love. If you're looking for love, you'll find love here."Ganash heard of Amma through a friend who simply passed near her and felt electricity just being in her presence. While he didn't feel any electricity, Ganash described the embrace as tremendously satisfying."Her embrace was very physical," he said. "It's a tactical way of reassuring you that you're surrounded by love."
Pictures are not of the darshan at Dearborn but from here and here.Similar: Amma the hugging…

Ganesha as Football Club Logo

The club is named FC Ganesha but the logo has no similarity to Lord Ganesh. No idea to which nation it belongs. (link)