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VCD featuring Hanuman and Ravana playing cricket and the Indian Press

The authorities banned the CD in Punjab citing that it hurts religious sentiments. The VCD came into notice during the Hanuman Jayanti celebrations on Tuesday. The picture of Lord Hanuman carrying a bat in one hand and a ball in the other has been printed on the cover of the VCD. The ban came into place after large scale protests were held by several Hindu organizations. There is no doubt that there is a concentrated effort to denigrate and trivialize the Hindu mythological characters. Instead of condemning such activities which provide ammunition to fundamentalist elements most newspapers were interested in projecting the protests done by some Hindu organizations in a bad taste.Few headlines:Calcutta Telegraph: Hanuman plays ball, Sena howls playing cricket with Ravana irks Bajrang DalIt seems only these organizations are hurt by such trivial picturisation of Hindu mythological characters. It is the so called secular media in India which is more dangerous than …

Another Mahabharata series being planned

This Mahabharat series is from Kaleidoscope Entertainment of Bobby Bedi. First there will be a four month talent hunt to select the actors. The project is expected to go on for more than three years. The Hindu reports:Bedi made a special presentation on his ambitious project during 'India- The Big Picture' conference organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on the eve of the International Film Festival of India – 2006Giving a fizz to the entire process, he said, animation, gaming and picture book based on `Mahabharat' will also be part of the project.Similar: Feature film on Mahabharata

Quote for the day

Purify your mind and make it one-pointed so that you can understand the apparent contradictions in various scriptures or in the teachings of the sages. Do not allow anyone's teachings or doctrines to confuse you. Select gems of truth from every possible source and integrate them into your personal philosophy of life. Disregard information that diverts your focus.You can do this when you know how to compromise between reason and faith. First, abandon polemics and form a habit of relying on constructive reasoning. Constructive reasoning will remove your doubts and will convince you that the practice you have undertaken is genuine and fruitful. Then faith will unfold naturally in your heart. Thereafter, faith and constructive reasoning will support and guide each other.DattatreyaSource:The Tradition of the Himalayan Masters
Pandit Rajmani, Ph.D. Tigunait