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The Holiday of Thanksgiving has Hindu Roots claims a new book by Richard Salva

Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh, a book written by Richard Salva, claims that Thanksgiving has a Hindu origin. Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day is an annual one-day holiday to give thanks (traditionally to God) at the close of the harvest season. In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.The book is based on a statement by the great master of yoga, Paramhansa Yogananda, who declared that Abraham Lincoln had been a Himalayan yogi in a past life, and that he was reborn as the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh. In his book, Richard Salva presents more than 500 connections between Lincoln, Lindbergh, and the ancient spiritual science of yoga.Richard Salva says: "During my search for signs of a past-life yoga practice I noticed that President Lincoln repeatedly chose Thursdays as national days of prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving. It is because of Lincoln that we celebrate Thanksgiving on a Thursday. This is interesting, because Thur…

Maudgil Brahmins - Ravana Descendants at Mandore near Jodhpur in Rajasthan

The Maudgil Brahmins in Jodhpur believes that they are the descendants of Ravana. They are planning to install an idol - showing Ravana as a worshipper of Shiva – at Navgraha temple on Fort road in Jodhpur.

Legend has it that Jodhpur is the maternal home of Mandodari, daughter of the king of Mandore, ancient capital of Marwar. Mandodari was the wife of Ravana. Ravana is considered to the the son-in-law by Namdeo Vaishnav Samaj here.
The Maudgil Brahmins came to Mandore from Lanka during the marriage. They shifted to Jodhpur when the city was founded in the 15th century. They claim that their ancestors have been performing annual Shradh (death ceremony) during Dasara. Pinda Daan is also offered annually during the period.
There around 150 Maudgil Brahmins in Jodhpur. (link)
There is a altar here known as Ravan Kin Chanwari at Mandore - the people here believe that Ravana Married Mandodari on the altar. 
The image shown is of a Ravan idol in a British museum.

Navneet Priyaji returns back from Mathura to Nathwada

The idol of Navneet Priyaji, the Bal Swaroop of Lord Krishna, was taken to Mathura after 330 years on October 29 from Nathwara temple. The idol originally belonged to a temple in Mathura but was taken to Nathwada about 330 years ago during Muslim persecution. This October the 17th century black marble idol of Navneet Priyaji was taken to Mathura. During the idols stay at Mathura, it was taken to Gokul, Vrindavan and Govardhan. On November 17, the idol was brought back to Nathwara.

What happens in Yahoo’s Hinduism Chat Room

In Yahoo Chat there is a Religion and Beliefs section and in it there is a chat room on Hinduism. Yahoo says it is an open forum to discuss the deeper meanings of Hinduism. But the discussion that takes place will even shame porn chat rooms. Most of the rooms are fully occupied. So a new entrant will be send to a new room. Don’t worry, the room will become houseful soon. The next favorite theme after adult chat is Hindu and Muslim bashing. Below is a screen capture of a chat room. Some part of the pic has been covered in black, as an average reader might be disturbed by reading the blackened part. {Click on the image to see it bigger.}
What a nice forum to discuss the deeper meanings of Hinduism.