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300,000 dollars needed to restore rare palm leaf manuscripts on Hinduism

Several newspapers had earlier reported about the efforts of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to restore a rare 700-year-old palm leaf manuscript on Hinduism. But the project is facing financial difficulties. BBC carries an exhaustive report on the restoration process including the financial angle missed in the earlier reports.The manuscript being restored is Sarvamoola Grantha - a collection of 36 erudite commentaries was written in Sanskrit by Sri Madvacharya (1238-1317 AD).The collection includes commentaries based on the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Puranas, Brahma-sutras, Mahabharata, independent philosophical tracts, a commentary on daily rites, and several hymns in praise of Gods.The manuscripts were stored at Phalimaru Matha near Udupi and Dr PR Mukund, a professor of electrical engineering at RIT saddened by the deterioration of the manuscripts took up the project. The challenges in restoringThe 700 years that have passes has had its toll on the palm leaves most of them ar…