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Showing posts from November 13, 2006

With the help of Maggi women could have been…

Well the Maggi under discussion is the famous Maggi noodles, pasta etc from Nestle. This latest ad campaign from Maggi says with help of Maggi, women would have devoted less time on cooking. So they would have become …..The caption reads ‘if only women spent less time cooking.’ Interestingly the Ads were short listed for Golden drums Awards. But the concept seems to be outdated. Hope Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi saw the ad.

Elephants of Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple to Be Rented For Private Ceremony

Newindpress reports:The elephants of Guruvayur Sree Krishna temple in Kerala, employed specifically to serve the Lord, will be for the first time in history, rented out to pose as showpieces in a lavish marriage ceremony to be held in Tamil Nadu on January 7.Among the rented elephants is Guruvayur Padmanabhan who carries the idol of lord during rituals and festivals. If the incident takes place, it will be for the first time that the elephants of the temple are being sent outside the state. The elephants will be traveling for 20 hours in a truck. Such long journeys are not advisable for tuskers.Why are the elephants of one of the richest temples in the country being rented for a private party? The temple is believed to be generating millions of rupees a month. Then why rent the elephant for few hundred thousand rupees.Kerala has numerous elephant lovers who have earlier taken up such issues. Hope this time also the temple authorities will be forced to take back the decision.

Remembering the People Who Were Crushed To Death in Mumbai

Everyone knows rash driving is bad but still we get accidents like the one happened in Mumbai. Who is to be blamed for the accidents - the young drunken drivers or their parents? This is still being debated.But most probably, this case will be soon sidelined as the victims are poor people. We all hear about such accidents but nothing about the follow up actions. We have not heard any of the rich rash drivers being punished. Incidentally, many of them have been let free.The best punishment is to make the drunken driver stand in the busy Bandra road for 12 hours for his entire life carrying a placard written – ‘I killed six people with my drunken driving.’ This will create social shame and fear in other drunken drivers.(image via)

Lover of Nun - A Zen Story

Twenty monks and a nun were studying Zen under a master. The nun was stunningly beautiful. One of the young monks secretly wrote her a letter, declaring his love and asking her to meet him secretly.
The next day when the master finished his lecture, the nun stood up quietly. 
She then looked towards the young monk and said loudly “if you really love me so deeply, come and embrace me now.”
A Zen Story