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India’s first bone bank has no bones due to Hindu rituals

The broken bone bank is at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The bone bank set up in 1999 has only received six dead bodies in the past seven years.Mumbai Mirror writes:Malhotra blamed the dearth of donors on Hindu ritual of immersing ashes of dead into Ganges. "Even in cases where people have pledged their bones to hospital after death, families of the deceased do not agree to it," Malhotra said.It is a known fact that Hindus burn the dead body and immerse ashes in holy rivers. So the people behind bone bank in India should have already known its fate.

Exhibition on the Sculptures of Chola Dynasty in Royal Academy London

This exhibition of approximately forty bronze sculptures explores the artistic and cultural riches of the Chola dynasty of southern India between the ninth and thirteenth centuries.Chola sculptures are cast using the lost-wax method and are among the finest in the world. (link)

Mahabhisheka on Nandi atop Chamundi Hill after 150 years

When the Nandi is 25 ft. long and 16 ft. tall, it is hard to perform a Mahaabhisheka periodically. Therefore only a Ksheerabhishekha (milk anointment) was performed yearly. Some joggers and morning walkers on the Chamundi Hill road decided to clean the Nandi, which had a thick layer of dirt and dust.Care was taken not to use any chemicals for cleaning. Soapnut, shikakai and coir were used to clean the huge statue which is the pride of Mysore. After the cleaning, the statue was embalmed with a paste of roasted coconut. The embalming is said to keep the statue shining for ten years. (link)

Ramayana as Opera in Thailand

Bangkok Opera's founder and composer Somtow Sucharitkul and Dutch director Hans Nieuwenhuis have teamed up to stage Ramayana at the Thailand Cultural Centre in Bangkok. Interestingly the opera is titled ‘Ayodhya.’ The opera starts with the abduction of Sita and ends with her reunion with Lord Ram.Amitha Amranand reports in Bangkok Post:"I'm creating this work as my personal tribute to His Majesty and my gift to Thailand in return for all the inspiration I have derived from [this country]. In the Ramayana, we see the ideal of the perfect man and the perfect divinity and in our society, the King still embodies these ideals," Somtow Sucharitkul said."Most of the opera will take place behind a black scrim. So the audience cannot see the details clearly because this is a story of gods - of characters who can fly. Everything will look like it's been dreamed up or magically conjured up like heaven."'Ayodhya' will be staged on November 16, 18 and 19 at …

On Hindu Aid’s Project DANA

Hindu Aid’s outreach programme called Development Awareness Network Agenda (Project DANA) was launched in June 2006. Hindu Aid, a British charity, had won a grant from the Department for International Development (DFID) to teach schoolchildren, young people and community groups about the lives of people in Africa and Asia. Clickwala reports:DANA has already reached out to thousands of Hindus through information counters placed at some of the largest Hindu events in Britain including the Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the SKLPC Mela, and Diwali street-festivals in Trafalgar Square, Brent and Leicester. Visitors to the stalls were given Target 2015 booklets that discuss the worldwide initiative to reduce world poverty in half by the year 2015 and Hindu Aid booklets that discuss global development issues.Hindu Aid is organising one-to-one advisory clinics and focus-group discussions with fifty organisations around the country from 15 November to enquire into capacity issue…

On Dhiren Barot’s Family

Dhiren Barot, a former Hindu who converted to Islam, was sentenced to life and told he must serve at least 40 years in jail for planning to kill thousands of people in the UK and US. (BBC Reports)Dhiren Barot’s parents, Manubhai and Bhartiyaben, are among the respected figures in the Gujarati Community in Britain. Dhiren was born in India in December 1971. His parents arrived in India from Kenya and the next year they settled in Willesden, north-west London. A book - The Army Of Madinah - written by Dhiren says that he converted to Islam at the age of 20. His parents say that he left home at the age of 20 and are not aware of his activities from then onwards. Like any other normal Hindu family, Dhiren’s parents did not welcome his conversion to Islam. Amit Roy writes in"When his father was in hospital after suffering a heart attack, Dhiren turned up," said Mr Patel. "His father said, 'Go away, I don't want to see your face.'"The Gujarati…

Stop the Hindi Serial Because It Propagates Hinduism

It is not any of our neighboring countries that are having a problem with Hindi serials. But Christian NGOs at ChamphaiTown in Mizoram, Republic of India. The serial under discussion is ‘Kasauti Zindagii Kay’ aired on Star Plus from Monday to Friday from 20:30 to 21:00.The Mizo community is so captivated by the serial that there are ‘problems in church attendance and condolence gatherings.’ So the NGOs asked the cable operators to stop airing the serial. The Telegraph reports:The NGOs felt that the Hindi serial “propagates Hinduism” and that frequent viewing of the serial by children “could lead them astray from Christianity”.Local vernacular newspapers in Champhai have also discontinued the translated version of the serial despite public demand.Never knew a serial could do damage to Christianity. By the timing of the serial it is clear that the problem here is not church attendance. Such incidents will only arm the religious fundamentalists with more ammunition.

Quote for the day

Parashurama: What is this wholeheartedness or absorption in sadhana?Dattatreya: Resolve with full confidence and determination: "No matter what happens I will accomplish this. This ought to be achieved and I am the one to achieve it." The aspirant endowed with such single-minded resolution overcomes every obstacle. The more a person is absorbed in the practice, the sooner he or she attains the result.Source:The Tradition of the Himalayan Masters
Pandit Rajmani, Ph.D. Tigunait