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The Covert Begging Menace in India

It’s just eight in the morning and I hear a door bell. A well-dressed boy gives me a paper and starts to tell his sad tale. “I am good at studies, I have no one to pay for my education….I did not wait for him to complete. I hear different versions of such stories daily. I gave him 10 rupees.” He has a list of donors and wants my name to be added in it. I can see a bundle of Indian currency in several denominations in his hand. These people don’t take one rupee or two rupee.I am sure the boy has already earned around 150 rupees. My day’s earning is -10 rupees. I have to toil for next 9 hours to make 300 rupees. By that time the boy will make around 1000 rupees. Now why I did I give the money? I didn’t want to spoil my day through remorse. And I don’t have the strength to say a harsh and big ‘NO’!!!The boy knows this. Not this boy but a whole lot of people know this. They have glorified begging and have made it a profession. It is also a burgeoning industry. They employ unique marketing…

Devotees Carrying Lighted Diyas into Jagannath Temple Banned

This decision by temple authorities comes after the stampede which claimed 4 lives. Zeenews reports:"We have decided to impose a ban on carrying lamps into the temple as it is a potential hazard", the temple's chief administrator Suresh Mohapatra said here.

Thousands of devotees visiting the temple buy earthen lamps and take it inside everyday for worship. The Chief Administrator said some people had tripped over burning lamps near the 'Garuda Pillar' inside the shrine during the stampede resulting in injuries.
Our people rarely observe queues! People breaking queues are a routine affair. The one or two police men or temple employees present are often helpless as they have to face a huge crowd. Many people rush in as if the ‘god’ will disappear soon. Or the god might not give blessing, if they are late!!!

Feature film on Mahabharata

It is from the same BR films that enjoyed unprecedented success with the serial version of Mahabharata in 1988. Any guess about the budget and length? Well the budget is a whopping 1.25 billion Indian Rupees. Length six hours!! It is broken into two parts and they plan it to release on consecutive Fridays. writes:Ravi Chopra said, "Yes, I am making a six hour long feature film on Mahabharat. It will be unjust to tell the most beautiful story of the world in three hours. Hence I have planned to make a six hour film that will be divided into two parts. The first part will end with the Draupadi Cheerharan scene." He further adds, "The two parts of the film will be released on consecutive Fridays. I want to maintain the continuity so it makes no sense to release the second part after two or three months."Sounds interesting!! But what will the new Mahabharata feature film offer to the audience? New Graphics? Sound effects, 3D effects? Hope they don&#…

Vedanta and Modern Physics

This is a new book by U. Chandrasekharayya.
V. N. Vedanta Desikan reviewed the book in The HinduThis book is based on interdisciplinary research. In a sense, the book bears the stamp of deep devotion to Sankara, and at the same time, a clear grasp of the work of the great makers of modern physics, such as Einstein, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Planck and Niels Bohr. One may here note that the universe we live in is a blend of consciousness and matter. The former is the focus for Vedanta and the latter, for physics.For further details:U. Chandrasekharayya;
Loka Shikshana Trust,
Diwakara Bhawan, 2,
Residency Road,
Rs. 300.

On the Bridgewater Temple in New Jersey

Chennai Online writes:It began as a small building, consisting of pictures and photographs of idols. That was 14 years ago - the HTCS - HinduTemple Cultural Society, in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Today, it is a monumental and magnificent building, which houses marble shrines, immense statues of divine idols, and attracts devotees from all over the United States.The report details about the temples growth and its popularity in US.

Indian Born Muslim Convert Planned Massive Explosions in UK

Dhiren Barot, a Hindu who converted to Islam, planned to carry out one of the deadliest attacks in UK. He also planned to attack key installations in US.He was born in India in 1971. His parents and he migrated to UK the next year. BBC News reports:Barot wrote a book published in 1999 called The Army Of Madinah under the name Esa al-Hindi, in which it said Barot converted to Islam at the age of 20.As usual, he received training in POK. For a change in Philippines too. In another report the BBC writes:The prosecution said Barot had written: "Imagine the chaos that would be caused if a powerful explosion were to rip through here [London] and actually rupture the river itself."That would cause pandemonium, what with the explosions, flooding, drowning etc that would occur."What are these people going to gain by killing innocent people who venture out to earn their daily bread? I don't think any God will like the killing of innocent people.