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Showing posts from November 3, 2006

Yogi Bear

These pictures were taken by my wife and me at the Trivandrum Zoo. It was a funny moment for us then. But later when I looked at the picture, I felt the Bear was actually meditating – a true Yogi Bear.
In the second picture, it actually looked at us to say you are disturbing my meditation.
Animals in the zoo might be meditating to overcome the monotonous boring life.

Some Trees Are Not Cut Because They Are Sacred Trees

Looking at the alarming rate of deforestation, I feel our forefathers should have made all the trees and plants sacred. “One needs to take permission from the tree before cutting it. Also the permission of the birds that have made their nest on the tree.” This is no joke but our forefathers did pujas before cutting a tree. There are also several stories related to the ‘tree spirit.’The whole life of these trees are spent in service. With their leaves, fruits, flowers, branches, roots, fragrance, sap, bark, wood, and finally even their ashes as coal, they exist purely for others. (Srimad Bhagavatam)Kamala Vasudevan writes in Deccan Herald:The sacred dimension of the tree is often represented by the tree growing on the top of the holy mountain, placed at the centre of the universe. Holy waters flow from the mountains nourishing the earth and all living beings, both physically and spiritually.

Within the European tradition just as in the Indian, the trees, especially some species, have …