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Cocktail with a Hindu Connection

If you want to sip a Chakratini or any other Chakra cocktails head for the Chakra restaurant in Irvine or Beverly Hills. The Chakra is the seven energy centers in Hinduism. There is a chart at the bar indicating the seven Chakras and you can choose your cocktail depending on your energy center. Each energy center has a specific cocktail. From the restaurant website:…specialty drinks are seven brightly hued Chakras, each available individually as a martini or together in a unique sampler.

Leslie Brenner of Calendarlive writes: It was up to me to figure out which one would best suit the needs of my energy centers. I studied an illustrated chart on the wall, showing the human body and its seven chakras. Anahata, the green chakra of the heart and emotions, looked like the ticket, since it governs balance. Or ajna, the Chakra of the third eye, which the chart said was responsible for self-realization.

I consulted the menu to see which sounded better. Anaha, the green one, had Midori, Malib…

Deity Returns Home after 300 Odd Years

Navneet Priyaji, the deity from Mathura, had to go into exile because of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. To escape from his persecution, the idol was shifted to the now famous Sri Nathdwara temple in Rajasthan.

Vaishnavites from around India and abroad assembled at Braj during this occasion. A grand procession too was organized. (link)
CNN IBN reports a similar story. No idea whether both are same or not:From CNN IBN: Laddu Gopal has set off on a two-week holiday from Nathdwara in Rajasthan to Mathura and it’s his first one in 327 years. The two and a half year old Lord Krishna set off for his hometown Mathura amidst cheering devotees. And the people in Nathdwara thronged the streets to say ‘bye bye’ to baby Krishna.One thing is sure the deity is returning to Mathura after 300-odd years. And it is a time for celebration in Mathura.

Nepal Kumari Tradition Is a Violation of Human Rights

The Nepal Supreme Court has ordered an inquiry into the Kumari Tradition of the Newaris, a Hindu sect of Nepal.This is a great move by the court and the tradition should be banned. There is no place for such practice in modern day world. The tradition:The kumari is a living goddess and is worshipped in all Newari towns. So each town has a living goddess. The unlucky girl is usually chosen from the age group of five to six. She becomes the living goddess until her menstrual period begins. The goddess lives in TalejuBhawaniTemple in Kathmandu. The innocent child is not allowed to live with her family, has no social contact and no schooling. This sort of living often leads to depression and other psychological problems. When these girls mature, the parents find it hard to marry them off as people believe a retired kumari brings bad luck.BBC reports:The attorney acting on behalf of the petitioner, Tikaram Bhattarai, told the BBC that the committee would investigate whether or not girl ch…

Action game with a Hindu mythology connection

Devas and Asuras – what more you need for a thrilling action packed game. Rappelz, a new game to be released soon, will feature the Devas and Asuras. It is a free Korean Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO).Although influenced by Hindu mythology, the game portrays Devas and Asuras as some sort of Villains. (link) They are sent by the gods as they felt the humanswere not capable of developing themselves. Humans are known as Gaia in the game.The Deva represent lightness and creation and the Asura represent darkness and extinction. The powers of the three forces in the game are on expected lines. The Deva have more healing type spells and abilities, the Asura have more damage and curse types. The Gaia (humans) have more physical attack skills. (link)
There is an action packed trailer of Rappelz here. The music is a bit irritating and is used to give an epic dimension to the game. In the game, Hindu mythology only forms a backdrop, the rest of the action is not associated any Hindu myths. So…