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Remember Always – Shivoham, I Am Shiva

Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Swami – Kanchi Kamakoti Math – used to remind those surrounding him always - Remember Always – Shivoham, I Am Shiva

Remember always: Shivo’ham, I am Shiva.

God exists in us, in men, in every one of us.

The human being starts as a cell which metamorphoses in an embryo. In this way a child is born; he transforms into an adult that eventually becomes an old man; after his death nothing is left from that human being.

However, the base on which the man appears, develops and is obliterated, the foundation on which he carries on his existence, the force from where he draws his life is God, Shiva.

Think always that you are Shiva, repeat always: ‘I am Shiva, Shivo‘ham.’

Think of Him as an Ocean of light made up by the glitter of all the stars assembled in one point.

Source – Book titled 'Shri Mahaswami, The Sage with Eyes of Light'