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Malayalam Ganesha Mantra For Exam – Success In Interviews

Ganesha is the one who removes all kinds of troubles and difficulties in life. It is widely believed that worshipping Ganapathi with unwavering devotion will help in getting good marks in exam and also for success in interviews. Here is a Ganesha mantra in Malayalam to be chanted daily for success in examinations and to perform well in interviews. ഗജാനനം ഭൂത ഗണാതി സേവിതം കപിത്ഥജംഭൂ ഫല സാര ഭക്ഷിതം ഉമാസുതം ശോക വിനാശ കാരണം നമാമി വിഗ്നേശ്വര പാദ പങ്കജം The mantra is to be chanted in the morning before sunrise and then again in the evening after sunset. The mantra should be chanted 108 times. The person chanting the mantra should have single-minded focus. The person should have utmost discipline and avoid all kinds of activities that rise passion in the mind. The person should concentrate fully on the work in hand.

Panchabhootam – Five Elements And Color In Hinduism

Life is made up of five elements (Panchabhootam) and depends on them for its sustenance. The earth, according to Tarakashastra, has seven colors in it, for a grain of sand alone can be held in the hand, while the other elements cannot be contained in the palm. The seven colors are white (shukla), blue (nila), yellow (pita), red (rakta), green (harita), grey (kapisa), multicolor (chitra). Earth is yellow in color and is represented by square. The color suggests stability and perfect balance. The precious gold and the auspicious turmeric share this color, Goddess Lakshmi is dressed in golden hue, and turmeric powder and paste is offered to the village guardian deities in many regions. Water is white or silver in color and is represented by the shape of a crescent. Sometimes water appears blue when the sky is reflected on it. Without water, life is at a standstill. All great civilizations have developed on the banks of rivers. Fire is red and takes the shape of a triangle. The movem

Goddess Lakshmi Puja Lamp Number Of Wicks

The puja lamp lit before goddess Lakshmi should certain number of wicks. Before puja the house should be cleaned properly. The house should be swept before evening. Broom should not be used during the evening time. So cleaning should take before sunset to please Goddess Lakshmi. Daily a lamp lit with five wicks should be placed before Goddess Lakshmi. Prayers dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi should be chanted at this time. The wick should not burn and produce carbon. Once used wick should not be lit again. Sleeping, eating and arguing should be avoided when worship of Goddess Lakshmi is performed in the house. Five wicks offered to Goddess Lakshmi symbolically suggests auspiciousness and fortune.

Malayalam Mantra to Be Chanted While Putting Sindoor By Married Women

Married women apply sindoor between the partings of the hair. This is an auspicious sign and is performed for the happiness of family and for the health of all family members. It is also applied for the long life of husband and for a happy married life. This particular mantra is chanted while putting sindoor by married woman. ലളിതേ സുഭഗേ ദേവി സുഖസൗഭാഗ്യദായിനി അനന്തം ദേവി സൗഭാഗ്യം   മഹ്യം തുഭ്യം നമോ നമഃ Lalithe Subhage Devi Sugha Soubhagya Dayini Anantham Devi Soubhagyam Mahyam Tubhyam Namo Namah The mantra is to be chanted three times. The mind should be clean and there should be no impure thoughts. Sindhoor should never be applied by cursing or in anger.

Ardhanarishwara Trishati In Malayalam – അർദ്ധനാരീശ്വര ത്രിശതി

Ardhanarishwara Trishati is a powerful prayer in Malayalam chanted for early marriage and to solve all kinds of problems related to Marriage. The mantra can be chanted by both man and woman. അർദ്ധനാരീശ്വര ത്രിശതി നമഃ ശിവാഭ്യാം സരസോത്സവാഭ്യാം നമസ്കൃതാഭീഷ്ടവരപ്രദാഭ്യാം . നാരായണേനാർചിതപാദുകാഭ്യാം നമോ നമഃ ശങ്കരപാർവതീഭ്യാം ... ഓം രാജരാജേശ്വര്യൈ നമഃ ഓം . ഓം അർധനാരീശ്വരായ നമഃ ഓം . ഓം ഹിരണ്യബാഹവേ നമഃ ഓം .... ഓം കകാരരൂപായൈ സേനാന്യേ നമഃ ഓം .   ഓം കല്യാണ്യൈ ദിശാം ച പതയേ നമഃ ഓം . ഓം കല്യാണഗുണശാലിന്യൈവൃക്ഷേഭ്യോ നമഃ ഓം . ഓം കല്യാണശൈലനിലയായൈ ഹരികേശേഭ്യോ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കമനീയായൈ പശൂനാം പതയേ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കലാവത്യൈ സസ്പിഞ്ജരായ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കമലാക്ഷ്യൈ ത്വിഷീമതേ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കല്മഷഘ്ന്യൈ പതീനാം പതയേ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കരുണാമൃതസാഗരായൈ ബഭ്ലുശായ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കദംബകാനനാവാസായൈ വിവ്യാധിനേ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കദംബകുസുമപ്രിയായൈ അന്നാനാം പതയേ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കന്ദർപവിദ്യായൈ ഹരികേശായ നമഃ ഓം .  ഓം കന്ദർപജനകാപാംഗവീക്ഷണായൈ ഉപവീതിന