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Janmashtami 2022 Live Streaming - Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations 2022 Live Online From Dwarka Temple in Gujarat

Sri Krishna Janmashtami festival held at the famous Dwarka Temple in Gujarat will be available live online on August 19, 2022. The special Sri Krishna Jayanthi live streaming and webcasting will be available live from 11.30 PM IST on – August 19, 2022. 12.00 Midnight- Jan Mahotsav Aarti 12.00 Midnight – 2.30 AM – Jan Mahotsav Darshan 2.30 AM- Anosar [Darshan Closed] The live webcasting is by the Dwarkadheesh Devasthan Samiti. The main celebrations that will be telecast live online will be the Sri Krishna Janmotsav Aarti. You can view the live webcast here  at the official website of the Dwarka Temple.

Muthukuri Sevai – Muthu Kuri Araiyar Sevai

Murthukuri Sevai, or Muthu Kuri Araiyar Sevai, is the dramatization of the mystic experience of the Alvars, enacted by Arayar – Sevai. From December 15 to January 15, in Srivilliputtur, Tamil Nadu, Muthukuri Sevai is performed in one of the three temples. It is also enacted on certain special occasions. The name Muthu Kuri means divine pearls (kuri means divine and muthu means pearls). This mono-acting is based on the elaboration of the content of the first eleven verses of Thirunedunthandakam of Thirumangai Alvar. It is in the form of a monologue of a mother, sorrowfully reporting the state of her daughter lost in her love for God, neglecting her doll (with which she would play), dressing herself in silk expecting Him to arrive, only to get disappointed and sink deeper in her pangs of separation. She becomes restless and sleepless as tears pour down her cheeks, and she continuously wails for her Lord of Thiruvarangam. The anxious mother asks a woman soothsayer to find out the identi

Sivavakkiyar – Short Biography – Important Teachings – Against Temple Worship

Sivavakkiyar was a siddhar (perfect being) in the Saiva Siddhanta tradition. Sivavakkiar probably belonged to a period to the 10th century CE. A careful study of 500-odd verses attributed to Sivavakkiyar clearly shows that he condemned idol worship and repudiated the authority of Vedas and Agamas. He was a staunch devotee of Shiva and was equally devoted to Rama. Like other ‘perfect’ saints, ‘Sivavakkiyar emphasized that Shiva, though all-pervasive, lays hidden in everyone; and one must practice sense-control, mental discipline and Yoga to attain Ishwara. One of his oft-quoted verses was why should a person go round a piece of installed stone, offer flowers as though it were God with the murmur of a mantra – Can the installed stone speak when the prime Lord is within? Can a vessel containing cooked vegetables know their taste? Sivavakkiyar expresses his aversion to temple worship at many places and shows his anger over caste distinctions, as God dwells in every individual equal

Sivajnana Bodham

Sivjnana Bodham is a Tamil work by Meykandar on Saiva Siddhanta. The work was published in 13th century CE. Sivajnana Bodham consists of twelve manuals of sutras (aphorisms), divided into general and special sections, which again are classified into four chapters on means of knowledge, categories, means to liberation and the nature of the liberated being. According to Sivajnana Yogin, a commentator, Siva Jnana Bodham is a translation in Tamil of Papa-vomocana-padalam from Raurava agama in Sanskrit. Some scholars, however, consider it an independent and original contribution in Tamil. The general section deals with three categories of Shaivism – pati (God), Pashu (being) and Pasha (bondage). The chapter on the means of pramans (knowledge) includes Sutra 1 – to prove the existence of God Sutra 2 – to prove the existence of bondage Sutra 3 – to prove the existence of being. The chapter on categories includes Sutra 4 – on the nature of being Sutra 5 – on the nature of bondage

Sivapuranam Of Manickavasagar – Prologue To Tiruvasagam

Sivapuranam is a collection of 51 hymns written by saint-poet Manickavasagar, Sivapuranam is in the kali-venba meter and consists of ninety-five lines. The first line commences with the invocation ‘om namah shivaya’, the personified form of panchakshara (the mystic five letters of na, ma, si, va and ya) which is the mantra for invoking grace. In line ninety, Perundurai and another temple town, Thillai (Chidambaram), are mentioned. The attributes of Siva are listed and praised in the first fifteen lines of the next. The saint traces the evolution of mankind by the progressive cycle of births of various beings from grass to human beings, from asuras to devas, in lines 26 to 30. He states his weariness of such births and prays to Shiva to grant him release from such rebirths, this is reiterated seven times in Sivapuranam. Manickavasagar sings in alliterate verses that one who repeats Sivapuranam and assimilates its meaning would reach the feet of Siva. They hymn gives a succinct accou

Neurology In Hinduism

Neurology in Hinduism is known as tantrika vijnana. Tantri means nerve and is also called nadi. According to Shiva Samhita, nadis are like the fibers of a lotus and, being supported by the vertebral column column, are spread all over the body. Thus conceived, the tantrika system is accorded great significance, particularly in Yoga Shastras (ancient Sanskrit texts on Yoga). Nadis are a conduit for the vital breath or pranas to flow and keep the body alive and conscious. According to Yoga Shastras, the universe is composed of two substances – akasha (ether) and prana (vital air or cosmic energy). Everything that has a form evolves out of akasha. It is akasha that becomes air, liquids, solids, the human body, animals, plants, etc. And everything we all energy, or force, evolves out of prana. In all forms of life, prana, is present as a living force and all force is based on prana; it is the origin of movement, gravity, magnetism, physical action, and the nerve currents, which flow thr

Sivasamkalpasuktam From Yajur Veda

Sivasamkalpasuktam, or Shiva Sankalpa Sooktam, is the first six mantras (verses) of 34th chapter of Yajur Veda’s Vajasaneyi Samhita. The concluding phrase of Siva Samkala Suktam, in all six mantras is ‘tanme manah sivasamkalpamastu (mind the right intentions), and this forms the basis of the title. The rest of the 34th chapter is a compilation of miscellaneous texts, which may be used in the performance of a general yajna for different deities. Sivasamkalpasuktam is regarded as an Upanishad also, because it describes the profound spiritual and psychological aspects of the human mind. According to the hymn, the mind has tremendous power. It is minute, agile, speedy and divine. It goes far when man is awake or asleep. It is the actual illuminator of all the perceptive senses of the human beings. It is only through the mind that wise men can think and the devotees offering sacrifices can perform their religious duties. Mind alone is wisdom, intellect, determination and immortal light, w

Sivaprakasama – Saiva Siddhanta Classic By Umapati Sivacharya

Sivaprakasama was written by Umapati Sivacharya, who lived between 1290 CE and 1340 CE. It is one of the fourteen philosophical classics of Saiva Siddhanta. Sivaprakasama, as the name suggests, means the illumination or realization of Shiva. When the fetters which cause the bondage of beings are annihilated by true knowledge and by God’s grace, those beings shine in their pristine purity. This is the illumination mentioned above. This work contains one hundred verses, which the author classifies into two sections – podu (general) and unmai (specific). The former deals with the nature of the atma in its embodied state and involved in worldly experience, while the latter section deals with the state of the atma in release. The first forty verses describe the general state of bondage, while the last fifty verses speak of the truth about the atma as explained by Saiva Siddhanta. It was Umapati Sivam who coined the phrase ‘Saiva Siddhanta’ for the first time. He also claimed that Saiva

Assam Lunar Eclipse Time on November 8, 2022 – Chandra Grahan time in Guwahati – Silchar - Dibrugarh on November 8

Total lunar eclipse, or Chandra Grahan, will be visible in Assam on November 8, 2022. The Chandra Grahan will be visible in Guwahati, Silchar, Dibrugarh and Tezpur  - time is from  2:39 PM on November 8 to 6:19 PM on November 8   – as per Indian standard time. The Grahan takes place during the afternoon - evening and it is visible to the naked eye. Those Hindus following Grahan fasting and rituals need to follow it. All temples will remain closed 9 hours before the grahan and will only open next day morning after pujas and purification rituals. Detail Timing of Lunar Eclipse in Assam on November 8, 2022 Eclipse begins 2:39 PM on November 8 Mid Eclipse is at 4:49 PM Eclipse ends at 6:19 PM on  November 8

Swami Sivrama Kinkar Yogtrayananda

Swami Sivrama Kinkar Yogtrayananda was a saintly personality of the 19th century CE. He was born in Vrahnagar, Howrah, West Bengal, in Brahmin (Sanyal) family. Before he got diksha (initiation), his name was Shashi Bhushana. At fifteen, he gained proficiency in Bengali, English, and Sanskrit and acquired scholarships in Vedas, Vedanta, Puranas, astrology etc. In later years, he proved to be a talented doctor in Allopathy, Homoeopathy, and Ayurveda. When Shashi Bhushana was sixteen, the god diksha from Dandi Swami Sri Shiva Ramanandji and assumed the monastic name of Swami Sivrama Kinkar Yogtrayananda. However, he continued to live the life of a householder. He had fixed a room for his daily sadhana (meditation). His spirituality attracted many disciples such as Satish Chandra, Kali Krishnan Dutt, Rajender Babu, Mahender Das, and Kashi Naresh, among others, who took care of his family needs. Swamji’s lectures on Vedanta drew large audiences and select intellectuals.

Dreaming Of Jupiter – Meaning

Dreaming of Jupiter is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means change of luck especially in financial matters. You can also expect progress in career and relationship. Dreams of Jupiter also mean you will make friendship with people in power. Dream of Jupiter and you see yourself in the dream means you will have your desires fulfilled it also means success in exams and job interview. The dream also means solution to your money problems in near future. Dreaming of Jupiter and you see huge explosions or fasting moving bodies means you will face some tough situations but the result of all this will be happiness and success. Dreams of Jupiter and you are seen sad or terrified means you will witness something scary. It also means you will be given a work or mission which will be too much for you to handle.

Slokavarttika – Treatise On Mimamsa By Kumarila Bhatta

Slokavarttika is a treatise on Mimamsa by Kumarila Bhatta. As the words shloka (Sanskrit verse), and varttika (an explanatory gloss) suggest, it is a metrical and glossarial exposition. It is the first of three parts of a commentary on the well known Sabara Bhasya, which in turn is the only extant commentary on the 2,700 sutras (aphorisms) of Jaimini (200 BCE) on Mimamsa system of Hindu philosophy. Bhashya of Sabara (57 BCE) consists of 12 chapters and Slokavarttika is an exposition on the first pada (quarter) of the first chapter of Bhashya. While the following three quarters of the chapter and the next three chapters of Bhashya are dealt with in another composition known as Tantravarttika, the last of the three compositions known as Tuptika contains brief notes on the remaining chapters. Sloka Vartika is as much a critical commentary on the Tarkapada portion of Sabara Bhasya as it is an independent work on the Mimamsa system itself. Its content is purely philosophical in nature a

Dreaming Of Japan – Meaning

Dreaming of Japan is a sign of progress as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means desire fulfillment related to travel or a job. It also means experiencing something different. Dreams of Japan also mean a new relationship or friendship. It also means you will take risk to get a desire fulfilled. Dream of Japan and you are seen in the dream means you will stay away from your hometown for a considerable period of time. It also means job related transfer. Dreaming of Japan and you are not seen in the dream means missed opportunity. You will blame other people for your failure even though you know it is your fault. Dreams of Japan and you seem lost or keep asking strangers for something is a sign of confusion in life. You will be forced to choose between two important things. Dream of Japan and you wake up terrified or angry or crying means getting into trouble with authorities in a foreign location.

Story Of Sant Tukaram And His Wife Jijabai

Through this story Sant Tukaram Maharaj showed his wife Jijabai the true meaning and value of unwavering devotion. Jijabai was cross with her husband Sant Tukaram. Bhakti seemed to be his only occupation. He never stuck to any job but spent his time in singing songs in praise of Bhagavan Panduranga. Their family continued to be poor as ever. While others admired his devotional songs, Jijabai was concerned not knowing where their next meal would come from. She chided Tukaram: ‘Our children are hungry. Your Vitthala is the cause of all our hardship. It beats me how instead of blaming Him, you are singing His praises?’ Tukaram was born in Dehu (Maharashtra) in a Varkari family, devoted to Bhagavan Panduranga for generations. But his ancestors had not neglected their family and ran a grocery business. Tukaram’s mind did not settle on anything other than singing praises of Bhagavan Vithal. But that did not prove ‘resourceful’ in any way. Jijabai was sick of admonishing her husband for h

Dreaming Of Jogging – Meaning – Jogging With Someone Dream

Dreaming of jogging is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will have a period of peace and stability. It also means you will be more conscious about your health in near future. Dreams of jogging with someone mean new relationship and new hobbies or friendship. It also means having an affair or a secret relationship. Dream of jogging and you see yourself in the dream is a sign that you are having lifestyle related disease. The dream also means death or permanent damage to a friend or colleague or neighbor and you will get sacred about your health. Dreaming of jogging with other people means you will soon make friendship with people who have similar interest of yours. It can also mean a new relationship which you might want to keep as a secret. Dreams of jogging in an unknown place are a sign of getting cheated or you might get mugged.

Dreaming Of Anchor – Meaning

Dreaming of anchor is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means stability and you will settle down in near future in a place for a considerable amount of time. The dream also means a steady relationship. Dreams of anchor are a sign about upcoming marriage or permanent job. It also means you might get stuck in a job or place for awhile even though you might not be happy with it.   Dream of anchor and you seem to struggle or trying to escape means you will get into accidents. It also means suicidal thoughts. Dreaming of anchor and you see lot of other people means calamity in your neighborhood. Dreams of anchor and you wake up terrified or sad is a sign of failure and it also means getting stuck in the same routine for another term. Dreaming of anchor, moving about or in different colors, means new opportunity but in a distant place.

Memory In Hinduism – Smarana – Remembering

Smarana in Hinduism is memory or remembering. A human brain cognizes things, persons, and events and stores them to recall later when stimulated by words, events, sensations, etc. This process of recall is referred to as smarana. Patanjali has included smriti (smarana) among the five vrittis (fluctuations of the mind). He defines smriti as a vritti arising out of anubhuta-vishaya (stored experiences) and asampramosah (not being lost or fragmented) (Yogasutra: I:11). Commentator Vyasa differentiates between the memory arising in dreams, of objects which were experienced during the waking state, and the memory of a dream-object in the waking state. The former he calls bhavitasmartavya (imagined-object memory),while the latter is abhavita-smartavya (unimagined object memory). Vyasa has pointed out that memory as a vritti (fluctuation of the mind) arises from other vrittis. They are: Pramana – true knowledge Viparyaya – false knowledge Vikalpa – an imagination to which no existing ob

Dreaming Of Jigsaw Puzzle – Meaning

Dreaming of jigsaw puzzle is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will enter into a complicated phase in your life and you will have to make some tough decisions. It also means even though you have everything at your disposal you will not know how to make use of them. Dreams of jigsaw puzzles mean there will be lot of confusion and you will need to show tons of patience to overcome them. Dream of jigsaw puzzle and you see yourself in the dream means you will be give tough jobs which require lot of skill and coordination. Dreaming of jigsaw puzzle and you are not present in the dream means your family might face sudden problems in your absence. Dreams of jigsaw puzzle solving itself mean you will get professional help to solve your problems. It also means success and escaping from a tough situation. Dream of jigsaw puzzle loosening out or falling out when you try to solve them means enemy activity will increase. It also means your bad decis

26 August 2022 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Friday, 26 August 2022 – It is Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi tithi or the fourteenth day during waning or dark phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi tithi or the fourteenth day during waning or dark phase of moon till 11:52 AM on August 26. Then onward it is Amavasya tithi or the no moon day till 1:15 PM on August 27. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on August 26, 2022 as per Hindu Calendar – There is no good and auspicious time on the full day.  Nakshatra  – Ashlesha or Ayilyam nakshatra till 7:18 PM on August 26 . Then onward it is Magha or Makam nakshatra till 9:09 PM on August 27. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasthan), it is Aslesha or Ayilyam nakshatra till 6:33 PM on Augus