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Chengannur Mahadeva Temple And Divine Snake – Story

Chengannur Mahadeva temple is located in the heart of Chengannur town in Alappuzha district, Kerala. There is a popular belief that a divine snake resides in a hole in the western wall of the temple. The temple is also famous for the Goddess worshipped in the temple getting periods(menstruation) . An Azhwar, who was an ardent devotee of Vishnu, challenged a local boy, who was the son of a poison doctor, to prove the greatness of Goddess in the temple and the power of the family over serpents or nagas. The family was famous for curing poison related problems and was an ardent devotee of the Goddess. The family could predict the arrival of poison related incidents and could say which snake had bitten. That night the boy prayed to the Goddess to prove her presence in the shrine. Goddess appeared in the dream of the boy and told him that in a pipe in her granary a snake was living. The boy took out the pipe and challenged the Azhwar to make the snake come out of the pipe. Though the

Bhima Of Pandavas Worshipped In Nepal – Hindu God Bhimsen

Bhima, the second brother among the Pandavas in the Mahabharata, is worshipped in Nepal as a deity. In Nepal, Bhimsen or Bhimsena is the Hindu God of trade especially among the Newar community. The deity is depicted with legs astride and he holds a long club or gada (mace). He wears a headgear and wears long clothes. He is worshipped in the first floor of a temple and is sometimes depicted as annihilating demons, which are symbolically wises in human beings. The belief is that those who worship Bhimsen achieve profit in business and the deity also protects business interests of the worshipper throughout the world. For this reason, murti of Bhimsen are typically carried to by Newar business community wherever their business operates in the world. Lion is the vehicle of Bhima in Nepal and it can be seen in Bhimsen temples.

Veshi Yoga – Vashi Yoga – Ubhayachari Yoga In Hinduism

Veshi yoga, Vashi yoga and Ubhayachari yoga in Hindu astrology is the conjunctions of planets (Navagrahas) in relation to the Sun (Surya). Any planet occupying the 2nd house from the Sun in combination with one or more planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn), and the 12th house from the sun being vacant, is called Veshi Yoga. On the other hand, the 12th house from the Sun being occupied in the same way, and the second house being vacant, is called Vashi Yoga. If both the second and the twelfth houses are occupied by planets, it is Ubhayachari Yoga. In all the three yogas, only the five aforesaid planets are to be considered. Mansagari calls Vashi Yoga as Voshi Yoga. The results of these yogas are good, if caused by the benefic planets, and ordinary, I caused by malefic. The strength of the planets involved is to be considered for assessing the magnitude of the results. The involvement of Yoga Karaka planet is good navamshas is more significant. A person with Veshi Yoga wou

Alappuzha Chandanakkavu Saraswathi – History – Festival

Alappuzha Chandanakkavu Saraswathi temple is located in Alappuzha town in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi, the Goddess of learning, arts and music in Hindu religion. The temple was earlier known as Annavi Veedu Saraswathi Kshetram. Alappuzha Chandanakkavu Saraswathi – History As per history the temple was built by Saiva Vellalars who arrived here from Tamil Nadu during ancient times. They arrived here from Sankarankovil. The murti of Goddess Saraswati belonged to Annavi family, who were famous for poojas, jyotish and Ayurveda. Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Bhadra were their family deity. The upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathi, Shiva, Valkannadi, Karnavar, Paradesi and Yakshi. A Muslim Sufi - Siddha who was a friend of the family head who built the shrine is worshipped here in the form of Kapiri, The temple is famous for Ezhuthiniruthu or Vidyarambham held on the Vijayadashami day after the nine-day Navratri festival. Ashtami, Pooja Vaippu a

Jara Marana Concept In Hinduism – Old Age And Death

Jara Marna literally means old age and death and it is an important teaching and concept in Hinduism. the Bhagavad Gita declares, “jatasya hi dhruvo mrityuh” – to one who is born death is certain (11.27). But the born does not die immediately. The born lives, grows, undergoes some vikaras (transformations) in life and then finally breathes his last. Six transformations are generally noted – Jayate (one is born) Asti (one exists) Vardhate (one grows) Viparinamate (one undergoes physical changes for the worse) Apakshiyate (one declines) Vinashyati (one dies). Once is born in this world again. Gradually one grows from infancy to childhood and then to boyhood. In youth, one works enthusiastically to earn in order to make one’s family and relatives happy and satisfied. But an advanced stage is destined to come. It arrives when one realizes that strength is waning. The various parts of the body – bones, their joints, flesh, blood, the respiratory and blood-circulations system

Shavasana – Benefits – Steps

Shavasana is a posture in Yoga that resembles that of a dead body. In Shavasana, all the muscles of the body are in a relaxed condition. One of the important steps in savasana is performed by lying down in a supine position, like a corpse. Benefits of Shavasana include removal of fatigue and putting the mind to rest, as described in Hathayogapradipika (I.32). Shavasana is usually practiced at the end of postural exercises and before the practice of pranayama. When the muscles are already exercised, they can be brought to a relaxed state more easily. Relaxation involves withdrawal of motor impulses flowing from the brain to the muscle fibers. Such withdrawal means silencing a portion of the brain. To achieve this important effect, a little practice under instruction from a teacher is required. Lying down on the back on a carpet spread on the floor, keeping a comfortable distance (about a foot or more) between the heels, the whole body is placed comfortably without feeling any stress

Himachal Pradesh Lunar Eclipse Time on November 8, 2022 – Chandra Grahan time in Shimla – Kangara – Kullu on November 8

A total lunar eclipse, or Chandra Grahan, will be visible in Himachal Pradesh on November 8, 2022. The Chandra Grahan will be visible in Shimla, Kangra, Chamba, Kullu, Manali and other towns from  2:39 PM on November 8 to 6:19 PM on November 8  – as per Indian standard time. The Grahan takes place during the afternoon and evening and it is visible to the naked eye. Those Hindus following Grahan fasting and rituals need to follow it. All temples will remain closed 9 hours before the grahan and will only open next day morning after pujas and purification rituals. Detail Timing of Lunar Eclipse in Himachal Pradesh on November 8, 2022 Eclipse begins 2:39 PM on November 8 Mid Eclipse is at 4:49 PM Eclipse ends at 6:19 PM on  November 8

Dreaming Of Ireland – Meaning

Dreaming of Ireland is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means opportunity to do something new and extensive travel. It also means unexpected changes in your life and moving to a new place or meeting someone from a different culture. Dreams of Ireland mean you are unhappy with the current situation and want to do something exciting – you are not being honest with yourself. Dreaming of Ireland and you are not present in the dream means frustration and dejection. It also means people ruling you out and bossing over you. It means in near future you will lose your temper and take out years of frustration on someone. Dreams of Ireland and there is color and another person means new relationship and happiness. It also means successful travel. Dreaming of Ireland and you see mountains, beaches, yacht etc means you will have a wish of yours fulfilled. Dream of Ireland and you see yourself in the dream means desire fulfillment. It also means staying away fro

Dreaming Of Island – Meaning

Dreaming of island is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will get opportunity to travel to exotic locations. The dream also means stability and self sufficiency. Dream of island and you are not present in the dream means soon you will have to face some difficulties alone. It also means in near future there will be incidents in which you will need show maturity as there will not be help from your family or friends. Dreaming of island and you see yourself in the dream means new opportunity but it will be limited to a particular place or thing or situation. It also means you will get a ladder to climb up and you should use it. Dreams of island and if it scary involving blood and fights or attacks then it is a sign of getting lost in an unknown place especially near sea. Dreaming of island and there is color and plants and excellent view of sea means happiness and desire fulfillment. Please note that a dream to have meaning it should happen n

Who Is A True Religious Teacher – Hindu Religion Answers

Who Is A True Religious Teacher – Hindu Religion Answers is an article sourced from the August 1903 Issue of the Prabuddha Bharata titled ‘A Religious Teacher’ by Advaitin. The position of a religious teacher is undoubtedly a great one: great in its responsibilities and great in its possibilities. The number of men fitted for it by character and attainment is comparatively small, for the glowing words of a man convinced of truth, whose heart is aflame with love, can alone penetrate and awaken the souls of others.  Yet no class of men is more welcome in our midst when coming thoroughly equipped in mind and body, seeing that in no country is the religious spirit stronger than in that which has been nurtured in the tradition of the ancient Rishis. No one can question the value of that weighty influence which an experienced and sagacious teacher knows how to exercise at the right moment; the influence which a teacher can, and should, exercise, especially in our great cities, inasmuch as

Dreaming Of Isiwasho – Meaning

Dreaming of isiwasho is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will come under the influence of cunning people who wants to usurp you wealth. The dream also means in near future you will be mentally weak due to an unexpected tragedy in life and there will be people who will try to take advantage of the situation. Dreams of isiwasho mean you need to be alert as fake people will be approaching you soon. Dream of isiwasho and you see yourself in the dream means you will not get the correct advice from people. You need to double check and take two or three opinions on all advises including medical before coming to a conclusion. Dreaming of isiwasho and you are not seen in the dream means your enemies will be very active and they will try to threaten or scare you. Dreams of isiwasho and there is lot of different colors means confusion and acting in haste resulting in loss.

Dreaming Of Iron Nails – Meaning

Dreaming of iron nails is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face major disruption due to small things or by ignoring less important things. It also means accidents or health problems due to small things. Dream of iron nails and you see blood in the dream means stepping on something sharp and getting hurt. It also means accidents while doing not a routine work. Dreaming of iron nails on road or in a known place means increase in enemy activity. Dreams of iron nails on wall or you hammering them means change of residence or you receiving gifts. Dream of iron nails thrown at you means sudden reversal of fortune or attack on you using unconventional methods by youngsters. Dreaming of iron nails and there is color all around means gains through investment in small firms. It also means a small investment will give you good return.

Dreaming Of Ironing Shirt – Meaning

Dreaming of ironing shirt is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means travel or new job or an important appointment in near future. It also means there will be something exciting or new happening in your life pretty soon. Dreams of ironing shirt and you see the shirt getting crumbled or burned is a sign of failure or reaching late for an important appointment. It also means you receiving important information after deadline. Dream of ironing shirt and you are present in the dream means expectation and hope of better something in life. It also means desire fulfillment. Dreaming of ironing shirt and you are not seen in the dream means competition. It also means you will not get the desired promotion or recognition. Dreams of ironing shirt and you see red color on it means unexpected health problems. Dreaming of ironing colorful clothes means function, vacation or marriage.

19 August 2022 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Friday, 19 August 2022 – It is Krishna Paksha Ashtami tithi or the eighth day during waning or dark phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Saptami tithi or the seventh day during waning or dark phase of moon till 12:14 AM on August 19. Then onward it is Krishna Paksha Ashtami tithi or the eighth day during waning or dark phase of moon till 1:05 AM on August 20. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on August 19, 2022 as per Hindu Calendar – There is no good and auspicious time on the entire day.  Nakshatra  – Bharani nakshatra till 3:24 AM on August 19 . Then onward it is Karthika or Krittika or Karthigai nakshatra till 4:58 AM on August 20. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasthan), it is Karthik