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How Mother Goddess Appeared Before Sri Ramakrishna?

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had the vision of Mother Goddess. He used to talk with her just like talking to any other person. Sri Ramakrishna has explained how Mother Goddess appeared before her. There was an unbearable pain in my heart because I could not see the Mother. Just as a man wrings a towel with all his strength to get the water out of it, so I felt as if my heart and mind were being wrung out. I began to think I should never see Mother. I was dying of despair. In my agony, I said to myself:  What is the use of living this life? Suddenly my eyes fell on the sword that hangs in the temple. I decided to end my life with it, then and there. Like a madman, I ran to it and seized it. And then I had a marvelous vision of the Mother, and fell down unconscious. It was as if houses, doors, temple and everything else vanished altogether; as if there was nothing anywhere! And what I saw was an infinite, shoreless sea of light; a sea that was consciousness. Ho

Marathi Calendar – Panchanga 2020 – 2021 – Download Sharvari Nama Panchang Marathi Panchang 2020 in pdf

Marathi Calendar Panchang 2020 – 2021 is provided by the Uttaradi Mutt and is known as the Sharvari Nama Panchanga Samvatsara Marathi Surya Siddhanta Panchangam. This Marathi Panchang begins on March 25, 2020 and ends on April 12, 2021. The Panchanga is in PDF format and it can be downloaded for free. This is followed in Maharashtra, India. This particular Panchangam is useful for those people following the Marathi calendars. A month in this Panchangam is calculated from Pratipada after Amavasya (the day after no moon or new moon) to next Amavasya. Download - The  Marathi Panchang 2020 – 2021  can be downloaded in PDF format.

Sheetala Mata Puja Vidhi – How to do or perform Goddess Sitala Mata Puja on Sheetala Ashtami?

Sheetala Mata Puja is performed on Krishna Paksha Ashtami day, the eight day during the waning phase of moon in Hindu lunar calendar. The most famous puja is performed on Chaitra Sheetala Ashtami . Here is a description of Sheetala Mata Puja Vidhi. Please note that you can perform the puja by using minimum items. When you do the Sitala Mata puja you can also skip some steps. Sheetala Mata Puja Vidhi  Items need for Sheetala Mata Puja A picture or murti (idol) of Goddess Sheetala Mata or a good stone (representing Goddess Sitala) and another small stone (representing Jvareshvara) Red cloth Usual items for aarti Flowers Kum kum Water Yoghurt Wheat Red thread Henna Food prepared on the previous day. How to do or perform Sitala Mata Puja? The picture or murti (idol) of Goddess Sheetala Mata or a good stone and another stone is placed under a tree or in the puja room. The picture or stone or idol is then installed on a red cloth Kumkum is applied on the murt

Maintaining inner poise is indispensable in spiritual life

In spiritual life, one important thing to be noted is not to get upset by external factors. We are prone to get affected by the words and behavior of people, and by different events, which activate in us different feelings like attachment, aversion, and fear that disturb our spiritual practices. Maintaining inner poise is indispensable in spiritual life. It is our emotional reactions to external things that upset us. It is not external noise itself but the negative feelings about it that disturb our sleep. Same is the case in various other situations also; it is our inner reaction that troubles us and impedes our spiritual practice. The thought ‘no one can make me miserable without my consent’, substantiates this idea. If something grieves us, we as Vedantins, have to look within ourselves to find the cause for it. If there is a subjective change, the object is bound to change. When a snake bites us we do not run after the snake to kill it, rather our immediate concern