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Holika Dahan Meaning And Symbolism- Quotes And Teachings On Holi Fire In Hindu Religion

This is a collection of quotes and teachings on Holika Dahan explaining the meaning and significance of lighting fire on Holi. Sage Narada talks to Yudhishtira about the importance of Holika Dahan on Phalguna Purnima day. Oh Emperor! On phalgun Purnima day, people of your kingdom should be allowed to have fun and frolic without any fear. Boys should go out and gather dry sticks for Holika burning in an atmosphere of hearty laughter; hullabaloo and hymn chanting to destroy the demon. The effigy of evil Holika (Hiranyakashyap’s sister and Prahlad’s aunt) is burnt to annihilate all evil forces and to make a fresh beginning. ( Bhavishya Purana) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Teachings on Holika Dahan – Bonfire on Holi Puranas are full of colorful illustrations and stories and there is a story related to Holi. An asura king, Hiranyakashipu, wanted everyone to worship him. But his son Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Narayana, the king’s sworn enemy. Angry, the king wanted Hol

Holi and Demon Dhundha – The Story

There are numerous stories associated with Holi and the most popular one is that associated with Holika . But there is another story that is equally popular in many regions in India and that is associated with Demon Dhundha. The story also explains why fire is lit on the night of Holi. Legend has it that during the reign of King Raghu, a demon named Dhundha terrorized the people in the kingdom. The king and his subjects tried numerous methods to curb the demonic activities of Dhundha. But nothing proved helpful. Finally, they used magic to kill the demon. This happened on the full moon day in Phalgun Month. People collected wood, grass and household garbage and burned it on the full moon day. When the demon arrived seeing the fire, magical mantras were chanted and people used sticks and swords to drive out the demon who had lost all his powers due to the mantras. Even today people collect heap of wood and garbage and set it afire. People go round the fire thrice and re

Uddhava Gita Wisdom - Collection of Wise Saying and Thoughts From Uddhava Gita

A thoughtful sage, even while living within a material body, should understand himself to be pure spirit soul. Similarly, one should see that the spirit soul enters within all forms of life, both moving and nonmoving, and that the individual souls are thus all-pervading. The sage should further observe that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as the Supreme soul, is simultaneously present within all things. Both the individual soul and the Supreme soul can be understood by comparing them to the nature of the sky: although the sky extends everywhere and everything rests within the sky, the sky does not mix with anything, nor can it be divided by anything. Although the mighty wind blows clouds and storms across the sky, the sky is never implicated or affected by these activities. Similarly, the supreme soul is not actually changed or affected by contact with the material nature. Although the living entity enters within a body made of earth, water and fire, and alt