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Mud Pot Gives Important Health And Vastu Benefits – 8 Benefits Of Clay Pot As Per Hindu Religion

As per Hindu religion beliefs, mud pot provides numerous important health and vastu benefits. It improves health of an individual and also keeps out negative energy from home and shops. The water in the mud pot always has the ideal temperature irrespective of the climate outside. The most important benefit of having mud pot is that it keeps out all kinds of negative energies. A clay pot in home is considered auspicious as per Hinduism. The clay pot should never be kept empty, during summer season it should always be filled with water. During winter and rainy season the clay pot should be filled with grains. The popular belief is that a well maintained and regularly cleaned pot attracts divine energy. There is a belief among many Hindu communities that clay pot filled with water will attract Goddess of wealth. Such homes will never have to worry about food and money. The clay pot in the house should always be kept in the nort

Nalayani – The Previous Birth Of Draupadi

The previous birth of Draupadi, Nalayani is a character in a sub-narrative in the Mahabharata (Adi Parva Chapter 195 – 196). Her story provides the explanation as to how and why Draupadi became destined to get married to the five Pandava brothers. The young and beautiful Nalayani was the chaste and dutiful wife of the aged, decrepit and leprous sage Maudgalya, who was otherwise highly meritorious. Once it so happened that a bit of his leprous finger broke and fell into his dish. Nalayani ate the food from his dishes as usual, of course after removing the finger. The sage was astounded at her devotion to him and asked her what she wished for. She desired to lead an amorous life with him in five bodies. Sage Maudgalya granted her wish. In this wake, the couple sported taking different forms, such as man-woman, mountain-river, tree-creeper and so on. When the sage got tired of that life, he reverted to penance, but Nalayani wanted to continue the amorous life. At

Antaryami Vishnu Form – Sukshma Vasudeva Inside All Living Beings

According to Sri Vaishnava Agamas, Vishnu has five aspects or modes. They are para, vyuha, vibhava, antaryami and archavatara. Antaryami Vishnu Form ( Sukushma Vasudeva) is the very subtle form in which the Ultimate Reality, Vishnu, exists in the hearts of all living beings. Antaryami literally means ‘one who controls from inside.’ It is stated that Narayana resides in that infinitesimal small place below the heart of every being. Narayana stands on a platform shaped like an inverted lotus bud, appearing to his devotees in a manner and form cherished by them. Worship of antaryami form of Narayana can be done by anyone at any place and at any time. Although residing in every being, antaryami has no relation or link with the actions or fruits thereof undertaken by these beings. At the time of death of a person, antaryami helps atma to come out of the body through murdhanya nadi (top of the head). It is believed that those who had followed a life of Dharma will b

Sarvasara Upanishad Teachings

A collection of teachings from Sarvasara Upanishad. Atma falsely superimposing the body and others which are not Self upon Himself, and identifying Himself with them – this identification forms the bondage of the Self. The freedom from false identification of Self is Moksha. Avidya is that which causes the false identification of Self. Vidya is that which removes the false identification. The idea of pleasure is that modification of the mind known as love. The idea of pain is that modification of the mind known as hate. The cause of pleasure and pain are sound, touch, form, taste and odor. ....the master of Self looks upon the body and such like things other than the Self as Itself: this egoism is the bondage of the soul. The cessation of that (egoism) is Moksha, liberation. That which causes that egoism is Avidya, nescience. That by which this egoism is completely turned back is Vidya, knowledge. … the Infinite, (remaining in the same manner) as (does) clay i

Crow in Dream – Meaning of Seeing Crows in Dream

Seeing crow in dream is considered highly auspicious and good as per those who believe in dream interpretation. In Hindu religion there is an ancient scripture known as Swapna Shastra which gives interpretation and meaning of various dreams. Meaning of Seeing Crows In Dream Crows in dream means you will be blessed with ancestral wealth. It is a sign of something good happening in life especially related to financial matters. Crow eating food or sitting on branch is a sign that you will be meeting old friends or relatives whom you have not met for a long period. People who see crow chasing them or crow poop falling on them might see accidents in family especially of elder members. Seeing crow getting killed is a sign of bad luck. It means there will be accidents to family or friends. It can also mean death in the family.

Cat in Dream – Meaning of Seeing Cat in Dream

Seeing cat in dream is considered bad as per those who believe in dream interpretation. In Hindu religion there is an ancient scripture known as Swapna Shastra which gives interpretation and meaning of various dreams. Meaning of Seeing Cat In Dream Cat in dream means you will face serious family issues. It is a sign of something bad is going to happen in family life. Someone in the family might go away. It also means that your activities or actions might drive your spouse away and he or she might come close to someone else. People who have had cat roaming in house or on tree have seen increase in hospital visits. Seeing cats along with kittens or cats giving birth is a sign of unwanted visits. You will be forced to shelter people whom you despise. Seeing you playing with cats is sign that you will be cheated or taken for a ride by someone whom you trusted.