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Symbolism Of Narayana Based On Narayana Suktam - Swami Akshara

The concept of Narayan in Hindu religion is based on deep symbolism which is often forgotten by many Hindus. Here is a look at the symbolism of Narayana based on Narayana Suktam of Swami Akshara. Narayana is not a God who can be held captive in the confines of one religion. He is not just a Hindu God. We are 100 percent sure about which God carries what in each of their hands and which stotra or which mantra to chant for each God. The purpose of Narayana Suktam is to understand how Narayana looks at this world. If you start to see this world the way Narayana looks at it, then you will function with full responsibility. The word Narayana can be split into two; Nara – meaning human being and Ayana – meaning the one who resides within or who has taken his abode within; that which is present in the bosom of the human being. While Shiva represents renunciation, Narayana represents participation. Narayana drives you to be active and ambitious. If in front of Narayana, you c