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Immersion of Ashes of the Dead at Asthi Kund at Ramkund in Godavari River in Nashik

Immersion of the ashes of the dead after funeral rituals in the Asthi Kund adjacent to Ramkund in Godavari River at Nashik in Maharashtra is considered as one of the rituals that gives peace to the soul of the dead in Hinduism. The holy Asthi Kund at Nashki is a small pond, 3X3 feet, adjacent to the Ramkund. It is believed that the Asthi Kund is more than 100 feet deep and has natural springs and the mortal remains that are immersed along with the ashes are dissolved here. Ramkund is considered to be holy because Godavari River turns to the right in 90 degrees at this place. It is also believed that Sri Ram used to take bath at Ramkund during his exile period in the Ramayana. Hindu tradition also states that a drop of nectar from the pot which was being carried by Garuda after the Gods had won it from the demons during Sagar Manthan (churning of the ocean) had fallen at Ramkund. This is another reason why the place is very sacred. The tradition of immersing the

Story of Jyotirling – Symbolism In The Story of Jyotirlinga Temples

Shiva is believed to have appeared in the form of Jyotirling. There are twelve Jyotirlinga Temples in India . The story of Jyotirling is associated with Brahma and Bhagvan Vishnu entering into an argument. Legend has it that Bhagwan Vishnu and Brahma Ji wanted to know who was superior and this led to a fight. Mahadev Shiva intervened and said whoever can find out the origin or end of Shivling is superior. Shiva appeared before them in the form of a huge pillar of fire. This huge pillar of fire is referred as Jyotirlinga or lingodbhavamurti. This day of the appearance of Shiva in the Jyotirling form is celebrated as Shivratri. The story states Vishnu went down searching for the end of column of fire and Brahma went up searching. Both traveled and traveled but never reached the beginning or end. Symbolism of Jyotirling The story is symbolic and it suggests that the Supreme Truth as taught by Hinduism is present in all animate and inanimate. That divine light in Sun i

Sabarimala Case Opinion – Hindus Should Welcome The Decision to Allow Entry To Women Of All Age At Ayyappa Temple – Menstruation Not A Criterion To Deny Entry

Women of all age should be allowed to have darshan at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala. The Supreme Court decision on Sabarimala Temple Case (on September 28, 2018) to allow women of all age group into the shrine should be welcomed by all Hindus. There should be no restriction based on menstruation. Hinduism is a living religion. It continuously evolves and adapts. It is not a stagnant pool that is restricted by a particular scripture or set of rules. It is a full-fledged river – always fresh. Hinduism is only concerned about an individual’s quest to know the Supreme Truth. And how an individual reaches or approaches the truth is left solely to the individual’s discretion. Menstruation is a lame excuse to deny entry to women in Hindu temples. Menstruation is a natural process, it is considered highly auspicious, and it is celebrated at a temple very close to Sabarimala Temple – The menstruation occurring in the idol of Goddess Parvati at the Chengannur Mahadeva Temple in Kerala

Ganesha Picture On Hindu Wedding Cards - Reason

Lord Ganesha’s picture is always printed on the cover of Hindu wedding cards. But why is Lord Ganesh picture printed and not of any other Hindu Gods. The reason is that Lord Shiva had given Ganesha the boon that no ceremony or function should be conducted without first invoking Ganesha. For a ceremony to be successful His blessings are necessary. All other deities give their blessing only after Ganesha gives consent to the ceremony. Hindus also believe Lord Ganesha will clear all the obstructions and hurdles in an auspicious event like marriage. He also blesses the couple with prosperity and happiness. Ganesha is also known as Mangal Murti. Therefore his presence on the card signifies auspiciousness. The picture is also a symbol to suggest that the marriage will be held as per Hindu religious tradition and customs. Again in many regions, Ganesha Puja (Ganapati Homam) is performed couple of weeks before the marriage ceremony. The puja is performed to remove all obstac

Hindu Religion Miracle - Nagaraja Swami Temple in Nagercoil - Sand Here Turns Color During Uttarayana And Dakshinayana

Nagaraja Swami Temple in Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu is a popular Naga or Snake Temple in this region. The sand or clay around the Nagaraja Murti is unique as it changes its color during the Uttarayan and Dakshinayana. Uttarayana is the journey of the sun northward and Dakshinayana is the journey of the sun southwards. The sand or clay around the main murti in temple is black when the Dakshinayana takes place (mid July to mid December). The color of sand or clay changes to white during Uttarayana (mid December to July). This sand is given to devotees as Prasad and they wear it on the forehead. The presiding deity in the temple is Nagaraja – five headed cobra and is seated on the sand bed. The temple also once had a creeper named Odavalli. It grew abundantly behind the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and was known to cure leprosy. Each leaf of the creeper had a different taste. But sadly this plant was destroyed. The temple is located around 12 km from Kanyakumari an

Simple Lord Vishnu Puja - How To Perform Vishnu Puja At home?

A simple Vishnu Puja at home can be performed by lighting diya, doing aarti, offering Tulsi leaves and chanting of the mantra Om Namo Narayanaya Namah or Vishnu Sahasranama. Simple Lord Vishnu Puja  Select a calm and quite place preferably north east corner of the house . Clean the place and then take a bath. Place a photograph or idol or picture of Vishnu on a yellow color cloth. Keep a ghee lamp ready with one wick.  Place some Tulsi leaves and yellow flowers Yellow fruits (banana) or yellow color sweets ready in a plate. Before starting puja pray to Ganesha in mind. Meditate for a few minutes to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts and to attain concentration. How To Perform Vishnu Puja At home? Now light the lamp with one wick using pure cow ghee. Meditate or pray to Srihari Vishnu. Offer flowers – Tulsi leaves. You can light incense or agarbathis (optional). If needed you can ring the bell, while offering flowers. (optional) Chant the pray

Powerful Surya Mantra for Job – Success – Luck

Surya, sun god, is the pratyaksha Brahman or visible god in Hinduism. Here is a powerful Surya mantra to achieve success, to get good job, to find a job at the earliest and to change luck. Powerful Surya Mantra ऊँ   ऐं  कृष्णेन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृतं मर्त्यं च | हिरण्येन सविता रथेना देवो याति भुवनानि पश्यन् ॐ जपाकुसुम संकाशं काश्यपेयं महाद्युतिम। तमो रि सर्वपषपघ्नं सूर्यमषवषह्याम्यहम। ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं स : सूर्याय नम : Om Aim Krishnena Rajasa Vartamano Niveschanamrta Martya cha Hiranayane Savita rathena devo yati bhoovani paschayam Om Japa kusumam Samkasha Kashypase Mahadryutam Tamo ri sarvashapknam Suryamashvshayamyaham Om Hroom Hreem Hroum Sa Surya nama: The mantra has to be chanted for 21 days, starting from a Sunday. The mantra should be chanted 7 times. If you find the mantra to be difficult then you can chant only the last line 108 times. How to Chant Powerful Surya Mantra? Wake up early in the morning and t

Swami Rama Quotes

Swami Rama (1925 - 1996) was a spiritual Guru who unravelled the wisdom of ancient Gurus. This is a collection of Swami Rama Quotes mostly from books. You are searching for something without understanding that it is within you. Search within. This is a direct approach. Do not search for God outside. God is already within you. When you come to know that God dwells within you, then your life will totally change and you will be transformed. When you have perfect control over the modifications of the mind, you will attain the highest level of consciousness or samadhi. When you practice meditation, initially you come in touch with yourself and all your thought patterns; you come to understand your inner dialogue. Then, you learn to discriminate – to select and reject; and finally, you learn how to work with yourself. Spiritual practices, undertaken at an early age, have a profound and long lasting effect. Human beings have tremendous potential provided they are taught to trai