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Tulsi and Genda Phool – Marigold – Totke for Better Love and Understanding between Husband and Wife

In Hinduism, Tulsi and Genda Phool (marigold) offering is considered highly beneficial for couples. Both the flowers are offered to various gods and goddesses. This particular totke (small process) is for better love and understanding between husband and wife. Daily in the morning or evening, the husband or wife should take a Genda phool sprinkle some kumkum on it and keep it near the Tulsi plant. Continue this process till the desired result is achieved. There is a widespread belief among many Hindu communities especially in North India that the Genda Phool kumkum offering to Tulsi plant can work wonders in the life of married couples. Such beliefs are not common among all Hindus. It is only believed by a few Hindus in a specific region. This belief is more common in North India.

Shiva and Sati - Shiva Sati Story

Shiva Sati story delves into the problems created by the ignorance of human beings. Lord Shiva was never part of the society. He was not part of the illusion, instead he taught the worthlessness of the world by roaming around the cremation grounds. He wanted to show to all living beings that what they thought as eternal is only a bubble that can break anytime and transform. But if all the people followed Shiva, the universe will cease to exist. For the survival of society, Shiva had to mend his ways and for this Mother Goddess took birth as Sati, the youngest daughter of Daksha. Daksha Prajapati was the lord of the civilization and he had created the rules of the traditional society. Shiva never accepted the traditions of society. This infuriated an ego-inflated Daksha, who failed to perceive truth. But Sati was already in love with Shiva because She had realized that there is nothing but Shiva. The mendicant Shiva ignored Sati in the beginning as he had no interest i

Telugu Shukra Navagraha Prayer Text in pdf – Download for free the Telugu Lyrics of Shukra Graha Prayer

Shukra Prayer is dedicated to Shukra Graha or Venus. It is in pdf format and you can download it for free if you have pdf reader installed. The popular belief is that when a person has a badly placed Shukra in horoscope, the person will face difficulties and bad luck. To avoid it people perform Shukra Prayer as chanted. The prayer is also chanted to bring peace and prosperity. The prayer was originally uploaded by panchatheertha website. Link -  Shukra Navagraha Prayer in Telugu