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Ashtavakra Gita Quotes

A collection of Ashtavakra Gita quotes from various sources. Unmoved and undistressed, realizing now that being, non-being and transformation are of the very nature of things, one easily finds peace. Like waves, foam and bubbles are not different from the waters. The desireless one has neither praise for the calm, nor even blame for the wicked. Where is attachment and where is aversion for him, whose love for the body has vanished? As we think, so we become. Infinite as Space am I, and the phenomenal world is like a limited-jar. The wise one, who has no motive in all his actions, moves like a child. At peace, having shed all desires within, and realizing that nothing exists here but the Lord, the Creator of all things, one is no longer attached to anything. While a man of pure intelligence may achieve the goal by the most casual of instruction, another may seek knowledge all his life and still remain bewildered. Liberation is distaste f