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Nag Panchami Festival in Battis Shirala Village in Maharashtra 2024 – Display of Poisonous Snakes

Shirala Village in Maharashtra is famous for Snake or Naga Worship and display of Snakes during Naga Panchami  - in 2024 it is on August 9. The proof to it is that there are nearly Sixty Snake Clubs in Battis Shirala Village in Sangli District that display poisonous Snakes during the popular Hindu Nag Panchami Snake Festival. High Court had banned the display of Snakes and district administration has put several restrictions to prevent the capture of snakes but display of poisonous snakes continues. Indian Express Reports In 2002, a petition was filed by animal right activists saying that snakes were being ill treated during the festival. The High Court passed an interim order banning the display of Snakes. Since then the festival is held under strict observation of the district administration and forest department officials. The Villagers of Battis Shirala claim that they celebrate the festival peacefully without harming Snakes. Usually, around 300 p

Jiveshwar Jayanti - Bhagavan Jivheshwar Jayanthi

Bhagavan Jivheshwar Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Bhagavan Jiveshwar the spiritual mentor of the Swakula Sali community around the world. Bhagwan Jiveshwar Jayanti 2024 date is August 17. Jihveshwara Jayanthi is observed on the thirteenth day (Trayodashi) of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in the Shravan month as per traditional calendar followed in Maharashtra . Bhagavan Jiveshwar is worshipped by Swakula Sali community. The name Jiveshwar comes from Jivha (tongue) and Ishvara (god), which means the one who is born out of tongue. The popular belief is that Bhagavan Jivheshwar manifested from the tongue of Shiva. The community specializes in weaving clothes. Swakula Sali community is today spread around the world and in India they are concentrated in Maharashtra , Karnataka and parts of Andhra Pradesh.