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Kali Sindh River in Hindu Religion and Puranas

Kali Sindh River flows through central India and it is a tributary of the Chambal River. It is one of the principal rivers of Central India and Rajputana. In Hindu religion, the river finds mention in the Puranas. Brahmanda Purana refers to the geography of Kali Sindh. It is also mentioned in the Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa. The famous battle between Vasumitra and Greeks were fought on the banks of Kali Sindh River. Vasumitra emerged victorious in this war. The major part of the river flows through Malwa region, the Avanti Mahajanapada of ancient India. Avanti is widely mentioned in all Hindu Puranas and epics. Origin of Kali Sindh River is in the higher reaches of the Vindhya ranges in Madhya Pradesh. It flows about 290 km through Dewas, Sonkatch, Shajapur and Sarangpur in Madhya Pradesh. Later it enters Rajasthan and flows through Jhalawar and Kota districts. It falls into the Chambal River after running 362 km from its source. The slopes of Kali Sindh are

Vijayalakshmi Devi Puja Vidhi – Mantra – How to Perform Goddess Vijayalakshmi Puja?

Vijayalakshmi Devi is one among the numerous forms of Goddess Lakshmi. She is worshipped for achieving success in the field of finance (Arth). She also helps in achieving desire fulfillment (Kama). Below is Goddess Vijayalakshmi Devi Puja vidhi or procedure along with mantra. This is a simple guide on how to perform Maa Vijayalakshmi Devi Puja and is ideal for performing it at home. Goddess Vijayalakshmi Mantra ॐ क्लीं कनकधारायै नमः Om Kleem Kanakadharaya Namah When to Perform Goddess Vijayalakshmi Puja? The ideal day to perform the puja: Friday Chaturdashi Tithi – the fourteenth day of the waning or waxing phase of moon. The day before full moon (purnima) or no moon day (Amavasya). When there is Shathabhisha or Sadayam or Chathayam Nakshatra in a lunar month. The puja becomes doubly auspicious when there is a combination of Shathabhisha or Sadayam or Chathayam on Friday. Shathabhisha and Chaturdasi Tithi together is also auspicious. Among the eight forms

Osho Quotes and Teachings - 108 Quotes and Teachings of Osho

A collection of Osho Quotes and Teachings on awareness, Brahman, Ardhanariswara etc. The Quotes and Teachings of Osho are from books, speeches, newspapers and online. Nature gives everybody energy that is creative. It becomes destructive only when it is obstructed, when no natural flow is allowed. People don’t like to do easy things. Before they can do them they want to make them hard, difficult. People enjoy hard things. Why? Because when you face hard thing, your ego becomes subtle, sharp, there is a challenge. Try to make something perfect and it will remain imperfect. Do it naturally and it is always perfect.  Nature is perfect, effort is imperfect. So whenever you are doing something too much, you are destroying it.  ( Source: Creativity Unleashing the Forces Within) Life does not listen to your logic; it goes on its own way, undisturbed. You have to listen to life. It is your fear that makes you a slave. A man who is fearless is neither afraid