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Jhapan Festival – the Snake Festival Dedicated to Goddess Manasa in Bankura District in West Bengal

Jhapan festival is observed on the last day in the Shraban month (July – August) in Bengali calendar and is dedicated to the snake Goddess Manasa. It is a sort of continuation of the Nag Panchami festival observed a few weeks earlier. Jhapan is today mainly noted for the live display of Nagas or snakes in Bishnupur or Vishnupur, which is around 200 km west from Kolkata. In its true sense, Jhapan is a form of Nature Worship. Jhapan is observed mainly in the western parts of West Bengal and is largely of tribal origin. Goddess Manasa or Manasha, the snake goddess, is worshipped throughout the region. Special idol of Goddess Manasa is made and on the festival day it is carried around the villages. There are several folk tales dedicated to Goddess Manasa and most of them extol of the need for man to live in harmony with nature. The day is of great significance for snake chambers in the region and they display their snakes on the day. Some even show their affection by

Rahu Graha Shanti Mantra and Parihara Puja in Hindu Religion

Rahu graha is a malevolent planet in Hindu astrology. As per Hindu religion beliefs, this Navgraha can cause hardships in life. Here is the Rahu Graha Shani Mantra and Parihara puja. Rahu Graha Shanti Mantra भ्रं भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रों भ्रौं ॐ नम : शिवाय भ्रौं भ्रों भ्रीं भ्रां भ्रं Brahm Braaham Brheem Brhoom Bhroum om Namah Shivaya Bhroum Brhoom Brheem Braaham Brahm The mantra should be chanted 21 times daily in a Shiva Temple. Rahu Graha Shanti Parihara Puja The most important aspect when you have hardship in life is not to lose courage and strength. Have utmost devotion and start working hard. Do not drop your concentration level drop. Do not allow fear to set in. Do not hop around looking for various pujas and pariharas. The best parihara for any horoscope related problem in Hinduism is worship of Hanuman, Shiva and the particular Navgraha. For Rahu Graha, visit Shiva temple daily and offer a drop of water and bilva leaves. On Tuesday, visit a Han

Symbols on the Feet of Bhagavan Sri Ram

A famous shloka states that the feet of Bhagavan Sri Ram had numerous symbols. These symbols help a person in self-realization. The shloka explaining the symbols on the Feet of Bhagavan Sri Ram अंकुस अंबर कुलिस कमल जव धुजा धेनुपद। संख चक्रस्वस्तिक जंबूफल कलस सुधाहृद॥ अर्धचंद्र षटकोन मीन बिंदु ऊरधरेखा। अष्टकोन त्रयकोन इंद्रधनु पुरुषविशेषा॥ सीतापति पद नित बसत एते मंगलदायका चरनचिह्न रघुबीर के संतन सदा सहायका। Ankush – This symbol helps man to tame the mind which is like a rampaging elephant. Sky – This symbol indicates that His feet are all pervading. It also shows that even though His feet are everywhere, they are unattached just like the sky. Conch – This symbol suggests that those take refuge at the feet of Bhagavan Sri Ram are always rescued. Flag – This symbol suggests that Bhagavan provides protection from all external evil forces. Fish – This symbol indicates just like water is necessary for fish to survive, the div

Jhoola Festival at Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan

Jhoola Festival is observed on the third day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Shravan Month as per traditional North Indian calendar. Jhoola Festival 2023 date is August 19. It is the traditional swing festival dedicated to Banke Bihari (Hindu God Krishna). The day is popularly observed as the Hariyali Teej. On the Jhoola festival day, the murti of Banke Bihari is placed on a swing in the courtyard of the Vrindavan Banke Bihari Temple . The festival celebrates the arrival of monsoon. Therefore Banke Bihari is decorated with green dress. Thousands of devotees arrive at the temple to witness Krishna swaying on the swing. Special dishes are offered as Prasad on the day. The ritual is known as Jhulan Yatra in eastern parts of India and is widely observed in temples dedicated to Krishna . But it is observed from Shravan Ekadasi to Purnima.

Approaching Women with Bad Intention Might Be the Reason for Misfortune in Life

In spite of hard work and determination, some people do achieve success. Some people might be facing bad luck and problems in life. This is the result of the curse of women. Approaching or looking women with bad intention can cause misfortune in life. It is said in the Puranas that a person approaching a woman with bad intention will give away all the punyas that he had earned in this birth and the previous birth. This will result in bad luck and problems in life. This fact is explained through the story of a demon who attempted to kidnap Goddess Lakshmi. The demon had got the boon of invincibility but lost it the moment he looked at Goddess Lakshmi with sexual intention. Approaching widows with intention of exploiting them will result in numerous problems in life. Shani, Rahu and Ketu will start causing problems in the life of such a person. There will be unexpected problems in life. It will take several births to remove the ill effects of the curse of a widow.

Swami Ashokananda Quotes - Swamiji of the Ramakrishna Ashram

Do everything with full attention. Nothing should be done without reverence, for everything is really done unto God. You should not worship God carelessly. It is not that God will punish you, but that you will destroy your own fine sense of values. Don't trample on greatness in any form. One should have reverence for whatever one does, even if it is just an extraneous thing. Forget that anyone is bad, that anyone is inferior. You have to go beyond the person’s behavior. The real person is God, peeping through the eyes. This is the highest ideal. Behind what appears to you as a dull face, a bright face, or a vicious face is God alone. All these various pictures we see are but misreadings of the one truth, just tricks of the mind. Actually, everything is perfect. Unless we see divinity in every being, we will never see unity in the world. Intelligence is that which sees unity among apparently separate things. I believe that through meditation, which is the unin

Kalika Mata Mantra – Benefits of Chanting Kalika Mantra – How to Chant Ma Kalika Mantra?

Kalika Mata is a ferocious form of Mother Goddess Durga. She appeared to annihilate Adharma. To those who follow Dharma, she the kind mother, who showers blessings and good fortune. Kalika Mata Mantra should be chanted with a clean mind and body. Benefits of chanting the mantra, and how to chant the mantra, at home, is given below. Mata Kalika is propitiated by Tantrics and Saints. Normal people can also do the upasana and worship of Maa Kalika. She removes all kinds of problems in the life of her true devotees. Benefits of Kalika Mata Mantra She removes all kinds of fears thus enabling to see life in its true sense. She provides with intelligence and wisdom. She helps in defeat of enemies both external and internal. Various problems in life are removed easily by Maa Kalika. If there is a sudden problem in the family, the perform worship of Maa Kalika with her mantra. She helps in solving financial difficulties. Even the toughest job on hand becomes easy w