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Silver Bilva Patra – Benefits and Puja of Silver Bilva Leaves and Mala

Bilva leaves, or the Belpatra, are an important item while worshipping Lord Shiva. But it is difficult to get unbroken and fresh bilva leaves. So now, people have started using Silver Bilva Patra and Mala. Here are the benefits and how to do puja with silver bilva leaves? Benefits of Silver Bilva Leaves Silver Bilva leaves have all the benefits of offering natural leaves. It is believed that the presence of silver bilva patra will make sure that there is positive energy in the house. It is believed that offering water and silver bilva patra daily will help in sin redemption. Reusing the same bilva patra is helpful to nature too. How to do puja with Silver Bilva Leaves? When Shiva puja is done at home, after offering water, silver bilva leaves should be offered to Shiva. The silver bilva leaves should always be kept neat and clean. After the puja the leaves should be cleaned properly and kept in a safe place. It should not be taken out or shared with others

Banjara Teej

Banjara teej is a nine-day ritual and festival observed by Banjara community especially in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra. Banjara Teej in 2024 begins on August 18. The festival ends on August 26 on Sri Krishna Janmashtami day. The main ritual during the period is the sowing and growing of wheat saplings in a small basket made of bamboo. This basket with growing wheat shoots is known as Teej. It symbolizes prosperity. Young girls who participate in the ritual pray to Lord Sevalal for their well-being. During the nine day rituals, groups of young girls sing and danced with the teej on their heads, seeking prosperity for the village and the community. On Janmashtami day, the Teej is carried on the traditional phuliagan on the head of the girls. The girls, who reach nearby river or pond singing songs, immerse Teej in the water. Banjara Teej begins on Shravan Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi Tithi and ends on Shravan Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi as per trad