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Story – Offering Durva Grass to Sri Ganesha

One of the most important offering made to Ganesha is the Durva Grass. There is an interesting story associated with the offering of Durva Grass to Ganesh. The story also indicates about the medicinal property of Durva Grass, which is also known as Darba, Dhub, Haritali and Arugam Pullu. Legend says that a demon named Anala had gained several boons through years of penance. He had even got the boon of immortality. Anala was also the son of Yama, the Hindu god of death. People could no longer tolerate the destructive activities of the demon. Therefore, saints, humans and Devas approached Ganesh for a solution. He promised to help them. But there was no way to annihilate Anala, so Ganesh simply had to eat him alive. Now this divine act caused numerous problems like heaviness and indigestion. To get relief from this constant problem, Ganesha eats Durva Grass. To alleviate His stomach pain, it is said that Sage Kashyap gave him 21 stacks of Durva grasss to eat. After

Dakor Temple Live Darshan - Information About Dakor Temple

Shri Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Temple located at Dakor in Gujarat is a popular temple dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu. Dakor Temple is offering live darshan of the main murti worshipped in the temple. Live Darshan is available from 6:45 AM To 11:45 AM and Evening from 04:15 PM To 07.30 PM (IST). Link - Live Darshan from Dakor Temple Information About Dakor Temple The present Dakor Temple was constructed by Shri Gopalrao Jagannath Tambwekar in 1772 AD at the cost of rupees 100,000. It was built with brick walls and stones pillars. It is raised on a high plinth of 168 feet by 151 feet with twelve stone steps on each side and surrounded by a spacious courtyard. It has eight domes and twenty four turrets, the highest of them being 90 feet. The main gate of the temple overlooks the banks of the lake Gomati. Silver gates are protected by the Vedic Gods - Lord Ganesha, Sun, Moon, etc beautifully carved in high relief. The gate leads into the main courtyard. As tra

Shravan Mahina in Maharashtra – Importance of Sawan Month in Marathi Culture

Shravan, the fifth month in a traditional Marathi Hindu Calendar, is a highly auspicious month. In 2023, Shravan Mahina in Marathi Calendar begins on July 18 and ends on September 15. Adhi Shravan Mahina or extra Shravan month is from July 18 to August 16, 2023 and Nija Shravan Mahina or real Shravan month is from August 17 to September 15, 2023. From the first day of Sawan Mahina, people observe various Vratas and rituals including abstaining from non-vegetarian food and restricted fasting. Mondays in the month is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Tuesdays for performing Mangala Gouri Puja . All days in the Shravan month are considered auspicious and on each day there is a particular observance by a particular Hindu community. Monday – Shiva Puja Tuesday – Mangala Gouri Puja Wednesday – Budh Puja Thursday – Brihaspati Puja Friday – Jara Jivantika Puja Saturday – Ashvatta Maruti Puja Sunday – Aditya Puja Shravani Shukrawar, or Fridays in Sawan Mont