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Bonalu 2022 dates – Mahankali Bonalu Jatara 2022 in Hyderabad and Secunderabad in Telangana

Bonalu Festival observed in Hyderabad and Secunderabad in Telangana in  India is dedicated to Mother Goddess (Shakti) and is observed in the month of Ashada (July – August). It must be noted that on the Sundays in Ashada month (June – July) temples in Telangana. Bonalu Jatara 2022 dates are July 3, July 10, July 17, and July 24. Bonalu 2022 date at the  Ujjaini   Mahankali   Temple  is July 17 and the Rangam is on July 18. The festival, which is known as ‘Ashadam Jatara’ will commence from July 3 at Sri Jagadamba Mahankali Temple atop the historic Golconda fort. Lal Darwaja, Akkanna Madanna, Bangaru Maisamma, Bhagyalakshmi temple are some of the important temples where the offering is made. The festival starts with a procession of Rottela Jathara from Langar Houz center to  Golconda Sri Jagadamba Mahankali temple  on the first Sunday of Ashada month.  The festival concludes with a huge procession from Mateshwari temple of Lal Darwaja in Old City Bonalu means on ‘food’ and w

Gola in Hinduism – The Concept of Sphere in Hindu Astronomy

Gola, or sphere, has played an important role in the development of Hindu astronomy down the ages. In Hinduism, spherical trigonometry has been employed for the explanation and elaboration of astronomical phenomena, computation of planetary longitudes and for solving problems. Three basic spheres are conceived by Hindu astronomers – bhugola (earth sphere), vayugola (atmosphere sphere) and akshagola or bhagola (zodiacal sphere). Bhugola in Hindu astronomy is conceived as a globe that remains suspended in the center of the universe. Vayugola is taken as one having in its periphery the three great circles, the ghatikavitta (celestial equator), the dashinottaravritta (celestial meridian) and the lanka kshitija (the east-west great circle passing through lank and touching the two poles. Bhagola or akshagola is conceived as being encircled by the zodiac, the apakrama mandala (ecliptic circle), the ghatika-mandala (celestial equator), the motion of the sun and the

Bhadli Navami 2023 Date - Importance Of Bhadariya Navami

Bhadli Navami, also known as Bhadariya Navami, is observed in the Ashad month. Bhadli Navami 2023 date is June 27. It is observed on the ninth day during the Shukla Paksha of Ashada Month. The day is of great significance for certain Hindu communities in North India and it is the last day for marriage before Chaturmas begins . The day is also known as Ashara Shukla Paksha Navami and Kandarp Navami. People believe that just like Akshaya Tritiya this day also is highly auspicious for marriage and other auspicious purposes. Those people who are finding it difficult to get married can get married on Bhadli Navami especially in North India. The day also marks the end of Gupt Navratri and therefore it is highly auspicious. As Chatur Mas begins after two days from Ekadasi, Bhadli Navami is the last day for marriage and after this marriage muhurat is only found after four months. भडल्या नवमी तिथि के  दिन शादी की जा सकती है।  जिन लोगों के विवाह के लिए कोई मुहूर्त नहीं निकलता