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Aruna Stambha in front of Puri Jagannath Temple

A devotee sees Aruna Stambha when the devotee approaches the Srimandira (Puri Jagannath Temple) on Bada Danda. It is the tall sun pillar and is located near the eastern entrance of the temple. Aruna Stambha height is 34 feet. The pillar measures 33 feet 8 inches (10.2616 meters) in height. The diameter of the pillar is 2 feet. The sixteen-sided polygonal polished monolithic chlorite pillar has a sculpture of Aruna – the charioteer of Surya (the sun god in Hinduism). The base of the pillar has military scenes and other figures. Aruna sits on top of the pillar and is seen praying with folded hands. He sits on two layers of lotus flower petals. The entire seat is on an elaborate floral base. History of Aruna Stambha It is believed that the pillar was originally located at Konark Sun Temple. It is said that during the reign of Bhoi King Dibyasingha Deva, it was brought from there by Brahmachari Gosain and erected in front of the Puri Jagannath Temple in

Goddess Bahuchara - About Bahuchara Mata

Goddess Bahuchara is worshipped mainly in Gujarat who desire to have children and also by Hijras, Eunuchs and Gays. What her name, Bahuchara Mata, means is a mystery. Some scholars are of the view that her name means many-behaviors – this because her devotees come from all cross section of the society. She is also the patron goddess of Hijras – men who feel they are women. Goddess Bahuchara is usually depicted as having four arms. One of her arms holds a sword, one holds a trishul, one a book and one is in blessing posture. She is beautifully adorned jewelries. Her Vahana or vehicle is a rooster. Legend has it that the Goddess had once turned a woman into a man to help her be the husband of a woman to whom she was accidentally married. There are numerous stories associated with her and many of them involve her changing the sexes of people out of mercy or out of anger. Hijras who castrate themselves are known to pray to her for easy recovery. She is thus popular

Book – Radha: The Secret Goddess – Demystified – Interview with Author Dr. Kannan Srinivasan

The book titled ‘Radha: The Secret Goddess – Demystified’, written by Dr. Kannan Srinivasan, (published in April 2018) is the journey into the world of Radha – the divine consort of Sri Krishna. To know more about the book, I did an interview with Author Dr. Kannan Srinivasan. You can learn more about the book through the interview. 1. Majority of Hindus today believe that Radha is a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. She is worshipped as a Goddess especially in Vrndavan and Mathura. Hindus are not bothered about what scholars think about her. She represents divine love and she is the consort of Sri Krishna. It is always Radha- Krishna for them. So is she really a secret Goddess to devout Hindus? Dr. Kannan Srinivasan : Radha is verily a secret Goddess in the sense that her manifold dimensions and exalted glories are not fully understood by a vast majority of people despite worshipping her for many centuries. Moreover, still a doubt lingers in their mind as to whether she i