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Alarnath Temple at Brahmagiri in Odisha– Lord Jagannath Manifests Here During No Darshan at Puri Jagannath Temple

Alarnath Temple is around 23 km distance from from Puri Jagannath Temple in Odisha on the Puri-Satapada Road at Brahmagiri. After the Snana Purnima in Jyeshta month (May - June), there is no public darshan of Lord Jagannath and other deities at the Puri Jagannath Temple for 15 days. This 15-day period of no darshan at Puri Jagannath Temple happens before the Rath Yatra. There is a popular belief that Lord Jagannath during this period manifests as Alarnath Dev at Alarnath Temple in Brahmagiri.  After Snana Poornima, ritualistic bathing of the idols of Jagannath, there is a popular belief that the deities get fever . For a period of 15 day the deities do not appear before public. The deities remain in the Anasar house and appear a day before Puri Rath Yatra day. During these 15 days, devotees visit the Alarnath temple at Brahmagiri in large numbers. Legend has it that Lord Jagannath manifests into the Alarnath Dev during the fortnight. Thousands of devo

Selection of Trees and Puja of Trees before Cut for Puri Rath Yatra Chariots – Beginning of Chariot Construction

Three new wooden chariots are made every year during the Puri Jagannath Ratha Yatra. Trees preferred for chariot making are Phasi, Kadamba, Dharua, Devadaru, Simili, Asana, Mahalima, Moi, Kalachua, Paldhua etc. The Dasapalla and Nayagarh forest division and the Khurda forest division provides the trees needed for chariot making.  Journey to Find Ideal Tree and Puja Temple administrators (caretaker and representative of technical committee), group of carpenters headed by Maharana, other artisans and laborers go the forest for the selection of the trees for making the chariots. This happens a month before Basant Panchami (January – February). When the group reaches the Dasapalla area, they first offer prayers to Bada Raula Thakurani – a powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess. Her permission is taken before venturing into her domain. Each year nearly 1000 trees are felled for building the three chariots. The chariot construction requires about 1,135 big logs of about