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Tulsi Vastu Tips – Types of Tulsi– Position of Tulsi Plant as per Vastu Shastra

From the point of view of Vastu Shastra, the Tulsi plant is beneficial in numerous ways. Tulsi has the power to remove all kinds of Vastu dosh from houses, shops, and other places. Tulsi removes all kinds of negative energy in and around the house. It helps in keeping the relationships among family members cordial.  The Position of Tulsi Plant The ideal position is northeast corner of the house. Tulsi should be kept on a raised platform. To overcome Vastu Dosha the Tulsi plant can be placed starting from southeast to northwest. The tulsi plant kept near the kitchen will bring unity among family members. If children in the house are adamant and creating problems then a Tulsi plant should be kept on the north side of the house and they should be given three tulsi leaves daily to eat in the morning. Those people facing difficulty with marriage like delay in marriage, unable to find a suitable alliance should keep a Tulsi plant in the southeast corner of the house a

Read Oriya Ramayan Online in Hindi – Dandi Ramayana from Orissa

Dandi Ramayana is a popular version of the Ramayan from Orissa. It is written by Balarama Dasa and is in Oriya (Odia). Now a Hindi version of the Oriya Ramayan is available online. You can read it online for free. Currently there is no option to download. Dandi Ramayana is not a literal translation of the Valmiki Ramayan. Odia customs and tradition and folk tales are woven into the main story. Sri Ram during his search for Mata Sita visits numerous sacred places in Orissa – not part of the original Valmiki Ramayan. Link – Read Dandi Ramayana Online in Hindi

Budh Navgraha Mantra for Better Business Prospects

If your business is suffering from loss and lack of progress, then one of the reasons could be the wrong positioning of Budh Navgraha. There is a powerful Budh Mantra to improve business, cut loss and make profit. Budh Navgraha Mantra for Better Business Prospects बुं बुधाय वाणिज्यनिपुणाय नमः Bu Budhaya Vanijyanipunayaa Namah How to Chant Budh Navgraha Mantra? The ideal day to chant the mantra is Wednesday. Take bath and wear green color dress. Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind. Take a Kalash fill it with water and put some coins. Cover the mouth of Kalash with coconut and green mango leaves. Keep it on a green color cloth. Light a lamp using cow ghee. Offer Dhoop of fragrant flowers. Offer white color flowers. Offer a yellow or white color sweet. Offer Chandan. Chant the mantra 108 times. Keep count on a Tulsi Mala. Share the sweet with family members and coworkers.