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Story of Shani Afflicting Hanuman for a Day

Shani can never trouble Hanuman and His true devotees who follow Dharma. But there is a story in Hinduism in which Shani afflicts Hanuman for a day. Shani causes distress to Hanuman for a whole day. One day Shani visited Hanuman and both were engaged in spiritual discussion. Shani told Hanuman that he causes trouble to a person on earth based on the sins the person has committed. A person suffers because of the sins committed in this birth or previous births. Hanuman then wanted to know whether he has committed any sin for which Shani will punish him. Shani told Hanuman that it is time for him to enter the Rashi of Hanuman. Hanuman wondered what sin he had committed. Shani then told him that he had stalled the yajna of Meghnad during the Ram-Ravan battle in the Ramayan. Obstructing religious functions is a sin and he had committed this sin. Hanuman then agreed to allow Shani to enter his Rashi for a day. Next day morning Hanuman woke up and offered his prayers to B

10 Small Process or Totke in Hindu Religion to Improve Career – Job – Promotion – Salary Increase

Totke are simple methods employed by Hindus to find solution to problems in life and career. Here are 10 totkes to improve career, get job, get promotion and for salary increase. These totkes help in alleviating various problems created by the Navgrahas – nine planets – in the horoscope or janam kundali of a person. Daily walk in the morning to a nearby temple without wearing any kind of footwear. Take til ka tel (sesame oil) in an iron vessel, see your reflection in it and then donate it to a Shani Temple on Saturday. Take water in a copper vessel and offer it to surya in the morning on Sunday. Chant the gayatri mantra. Donate milk to poor children on Monday.  Wear silver bracelet on right hand or silver ring on a finger on Tuesday. Offer white flowers to Goddess Saraswati on all Wednesdays. Offer yellow color fruits to Vishnu on Thursday. Donate yellow color things to poor people or feed yellow color bananas to cow. Help an elderly woman in any possible way on Friday

Never Tie Our Destiny to a Person

Some of us are so attached to certain people in our lives that we cannot even imagine them walking away from the relationship. We should never tie our destiny to a person. Such attachments make us weak and mentally sick. Dependence on people is fine but overdependence is a problem. You need to know where to draw the line of dependence. There is no growth when we are dependent on another person. All our progress depends on the other person. This is not at all good. Emotional dependence on another is another big issue. This often results in a permanent mental scar. Always have a healthy relationship in which there is no attachment and dependence. Everything should be mutual. When someone wants to walk out of a relationship, let them go. There is no point in holding on to such a person. We just need to suffer once. Holding and keeping them will be a constant pain in life. Do not see them as villains. It is just that they want to have a different life. Their role in