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Korambe Mahamaya Prabhu Mandir at Korambe in Lohardaga District of Jharkhand

Korambe Mahamaya Prabhu Mandir, also known as Mahaprabhu Vasudev Rai temple, is located around 25 km from Lohardaga town and is an important religious place at Korambe in Lohardaga district of Jharkhand. This is an ancient shrine and is an important sacred place for the people of the region with a history stretching back to the Satya Yuga. The shrine is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. There is beautiful black idol of Sri Krishna as Mahaprabhu Vasudev in the temple. History of Mahaprabhu Vasudev Rai Temple The Ashtadhatu murti of Bhagavan Krishna was worshipped here after Ratu Maharaj was told to do so in a dream. The original temple was a mud structure. It was built by a Nagvanshi ruler of Chet Karna in 1463. Previously the murti of Bhagavan Vasudev, which is found in the present shrine, was enshrined in the Math Tangra Gulaichi on the banks of Koel River. The present temple was built in 1969. The temple is located amidst scenic surroundings. Unique Murti

Bhadrakali Mantra in Malayalam

Bhadrakali is the Roudra form of Mother Goddess Shakti. She appeared to destroy ignorance and to usher in knowledge capable of spreading Dharma on earth. Observing all kinds of pujas, rituals reading Lalitha Sahsranama and Devi Bhgavatham are meritorious. Below is a Bhadrakali Mantra in Malayalam. Meaning of term Bhadrakali Bhadra means mangalam and as she provides auspiciousness and prosperity in life Mother Goddess Shakti is worshipped in the Bhadra Kali Form. Kali is one who devours time. Bhadrakali Stuti ഭദ്രകാളീ സ്തുതി   കാളി കാളി മഹാകാളീ - ഭദ്രകാളീ നമോസ്തുതേ കുലം ച കുലധര് ‍ മ്മം ച - മാം ച പാലയ പാലയ . Benefits of Bhadrakali Puja Visiting Kali Temple in the evening is a pious act and highly beneficial. Those facing problems in life should visit a Devi temple on Tuesday morning or evening. Kali has motherly affection for her children and she never abandons her children. Lighting lamp in the evening in the house and chanting prayers of Mother Go

Kali Puja Vidhi - Procedure with Mantra – How to perform Puja of Goddess Kali?

Kali Puja is performed for attaining liberation and protection. Below is a simple Kali puja procedure (Vidhi) along with mantra. You can perform the puja of Goddess Kali on any day but with good intention. Please note that this is a simple how to do guide and is meant for devotees to do it on their own at home. Maha Kali Puja Mantra क्रीं   कपालिन्यै   नमः॥ Kreem Kapalinaye Namah When to Perform Goddess Kali Puja? Amavasya – when there is no moon present during midnight. Krishna Paksha Navami – the ninth day during waning phase of the moon Krishna Paksha Ashtami – the eighth day during the waning phase of the moon Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra falling during the waning phase of the moon. It is doubly auspicious when there is Krishna Paksha Navami tithi and Uttara Phaguni Nakshatra. How to Perform Goddess Kali Puja at Home Benefits of Kali Puja Liberation or Moksha Defeat of Enemies Early cure of diseases To avenge injustice For Moksha or liberation fo

Haripatha of Jnanadeva

Haripath is a collection of 28 abhangas extolling Lord Vishnu (Hari) by Jnanadeva, the great Marathi saint-poet of 13th Century. Abhangas are the term used to define a collection of devotional poems in Marathi. It is mostly dedicated to Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur. Haripatha of Jnanadeva describes the importance of chanting the name of Srihari. This type of composition, written and introduced first time in the Marathi language represents the core of the Varkari movement, together with all essential teachings and principles. All the important saints of warkari movement that followed Sant Jnaneshwar wrote their works on the line of Haripatha. As per the text, uttering the name of Srihari is the way to salvation or moksha. Yajnas, rituals, pujas, pilgrimages are secondary to chanting the name of the lord. Name of the lord is like door in a temple, it can open the gateways of Vaikunta. Haripatha of Jnanadeva is an important text associated with the warkari sect of Pandh

Be completely alive and do not be frightened when it is time to leave

Many of us are frightened when it is time to leave the world. This is because we were never completely alive. Be alive, be zestful and be enthusiastic when you are alive. Do all those things that you like to do without harming another living being. Have no regrets. Work hard, enjoy life, and find happiness in doing things that you enjoy most. Never leave things for another day. Procrastination causes the biggest regrets when it is time to exit. Nourish yourself and those around you. Grow and provide enough for others around to grow. Never hoard and never be selfish. Know that when you give, you are leaving yourself on earth. Spread happiness, knowledge and wealth. Even after you leave the earth, it will keep your memories alive. Know that the form and body of yours is a temporary one. You had been through many forms before and many will be there in future. You are the whole nature. You do not have an independent existence. The whole cannot be destroyed and therefor